Hey, Here’s A Great Idea!

Let’s get involved in another dung pit in the Arab World

McCain and Graham were just on the Senate floor doing their usual spiel. McCain says they’ll hate us forever if we don’t help. Well, they seem to have us for “helping” in Iraq and Afghanistan. Maybe they just hate us (which is ok because…right back at ya).

Graham said some really dumb stuff too.

What could possibly go wrong?


There is no reason, at all, for us to get involved.

10 Responses to “Hey, Here’s A Great Idea!”

  1. leelu says:

    Iowahawk says it best:

    David Burge ?@iowahawkblog
    Bathists, Hezbollah, Assad loyalists & Al Qaeda killing each other in Syria; how exactly is this a problem?

    Personally, I see no downside…

  2. leelu says:

    “There is no reason, at all, for us to get involved.” With all the crap going on here?

    How about, “Hey! Look over there!! I’m winning!!!”?

  3. major dad says:

    They are harping on this red line that was crossed because somebody at the CIA says Sarin Gas was used. Not like the CIA has ever been wrong or anything. This weapon of mass destruction has killed 100-150 people out of an est. 90,000 killed in total. It’s okay to blast people to bits but never poison them. We need to stay out of this mess.

  4. Syd B. says:

    Really, is it realistic to think that they could possibly continue to kill 15 year old teenagers with antiquated weaponry?

  5. Skyler says:


  6. JeffS says:

    Yup, Skyler. SQUIRREL!

  7. Michael Lonie says:

    If Assad goes it is a defeat for Iran and bollixes up Iran’s attempt to expand its power to the Med littoral. That’s enough, in my mind, to want the rebels to win, just barely.

    Senator Robert Taft’s reaction to the German invasion of the USSR in 1941 was that we should help the weaker side then switch when that side appeared to be winning, to keep the war going long enough for both the Nazis and the Communists to exhaust themselves. To some degree, that’s what we did in the Iran-Iraq war of the 1980s. It seems like a good plan for Syria, from the POV of American security interests.

    Right now the rebels are losing. A bit of help now will keep them killing Ba’athists and Hezbullies and Iranian Quds Force terrorists. At the same time Al Qaida terrorists will go to Syria to fight the Assad Dynasty and get killed doing so. They are the most daring and aggressive fighters among the rebels, so they get killed in disproportionat;y higher percentages campared to the Syrian rebels. Win-win.

    Our most urgent concern is with the WMD Syria may have. We don’t want it getting into the hands of our other enemies.

    I don’t think we should get too involved. A no-fly zone is something that, if they want it to help the rebels, the Turks should do. Turkey has an Air Force, after all, let them do it. Our role should be to insure Turkey against any retaliation by Russia (Turkey is a member of NATO, after all).

    I never thought anything good would come of the Syrian Rebellion. Not for us, not for Israel, not even for the Syrians themselves. They’ll just replace a secular dictatorship run by Alawites with a religious dictatorship run by Wahhabis. That might be marginally better from the POV of Sunni Syrians, but only by a hair’s breadth. There’s a real chance of Syria devolving into something like Libya or even Somalia. What a jolly thought, a pirate state on the Levant.

    Syria under a religious dictatorship might turn into a haven for Sunni terrorists, but it already was one under the Assads. It was a conduit and safe haven for terrorists going to Iraq, it has long been a safe haven for terrorists fighting Israel and the West in general, like Hamas and the various other groups of the PLO before its terrorists were whitewashed into the Palestinian Authority.

  8. Greg Newsom says:

    I agree with your historical perspective. The main question is why should the people of the US care about Syria or what happens there? When I went to the County Fair yesterday, at least one third of the people there were speaking to each other in some foreign language.
    So what has happened is the US government has become God to us.Are you ready?
    In the Bible it says God knows if one feather falls from a bird, or something that equates to that.So the US government is trying to be like God.((It’s my thought))
    False god..

  9. JeffS says:

    Michael, you make a good argument. Keeping both sides moving along and killing each other is a fine “blue on blue” strategy.

    But that assumes that we have a responsible government in place to make it happen. I remind you of what happened in Libya, and how it happened. President Zero isn’t much concerned about long term strategy.

    I also doubt that President Zero has the focus necessary to do the job, especially considering the size of his ego. Further, I’m concerned that we have McCain and Graham yapping their yaps about getting involved with Syria. “Bi-partisan support” is not semantically equal to “intelligent action”.

    So, color me extremely skeptical that we’ll see your strategy played out.

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