Hey! Nice Pants!

Rory Sabbatini is a god.

DUBLIN, Ohio, June 4 – Rory Sabbatini can hear the muffled chatter that follows him through 18 holes of golf. “Nice pants,” someone will say from the gallery, nodding at Sabbatini’s camouflage pants dotted black, brown and green. “Be all you can be,” another will say.
Sometimes, Sabbatini says thank you. Sometimes, he says nothing. But every Thursday of every PGA Tour event that he plays in, he wears the pants to promote awareness of the families of men and women in the United States military killed in Afghanistan and in Iraq.
For every birdie Sabbatini makes this season, he is donating $250 to a charity called the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund, to raise money for families in need. For every eagle, he donates $1,000.
Later this year, he will auction off the pants and donate that money to the charity…
…One of the Tour’s longest hitters, Sabbatini is starting to crack the leader board this season after missing the cut in 7 of 11 starts to open the year.

Dude, you’re already on the leaderboard for good, in my book. Thanks.

4 Responses to “Hey! Nice Pants!”

  1. Ken Summers says:

    I hope he gets lots of eagles.

  2. He’s done pretty well for the fund so far ~ I’d say practically en fuego. Now, if some of those other ritzy schmitzies would join in, that would be a healthy handful, eh? Of course, I would be the last person on earth to quibble about whether they wore cammy trousers or not, considering the little (or actually, entirely too much) they did for my derriere when I was active duty. There’s about 6 people on earth, Major Dad being the first with Ebola the second and Rory one of the few, who can actually wear the things and not look as big as a bald cypress in them.

  3. Mr. Bingley says:

    Good for him.

  4. Nightfly says:

    I wonder if anyone else on tour is willing to chip in their own performance-based donations. Even if you can’t be a clothes horse, you can be a cash cow…

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