Hezbalkah Just Says “No”

Hezbollah balks at withdrawal from south
Lebanese officials work on compromise
Hezbollah refused to disarm and withdraw its fighters from the battle-scarred hills along the border with Israel on Tuesday, threatening to delay deployment of the Lebanese army and endangering a fragile cease-fire.
…Hezbollah’s reluctance to get its men and arms out of the border zone reflected nervousness over the continuing presence of Israeli soldiers on Lebanese soil. But it also demonstrated the militant Shiite Muslim movement’s increased assertiveness here after a war of more than a month during which it stood off the Israeli army while Lebanon’s national army stood aside.
‘Insensitivity and immorality’
In a televised speech Monday evening, Nasrallah accused those who are pushing Hezbollah for immediate disarmament of “insensitivity and immorality.” He recalled that Lebanon’s Shiite-inhabited areas took the worst battering and suffered the highest number of casualties during 33 days of warfare in which about 800 Lebanese civilians were killed and 750,000 were driven from their homes.
“Those people have performed veritable miracles,” he said, referring to the Shiite Muslims who are the largest sect among Lebanon’s 4 million inhabitants.
“And at this emotionally difficult and fateful time, some individuals speaking with wooden tongues sit behind desks in their air-conditioned offices and talk about these issues,” he added. “This is inappropriate and wrong. I advise that no one exert pressure, bearing in mind that the most ferocious battle in the history of Lebanon has just been waged south of the river.”

And why is the Lebanese government working on a compromise with these snakes? Nasrallah had already agreed to the U.N.cease-fire resolution ~ it gave him his ‘great victory’ over Israel, recognising Hezbollah as a separate entity to bargain with ~ so the world at large should deal with this. He doesn’t get to hide behind the Lebanese all of a sudden.
UPDATE and Bump: Quite a thoughtdful analysis from Nick Blanford, the Times [U.K.] Correspondent in Lebanon.

Analysis: why Hezbollah will not be disarmed
“I think you can forget about Hezbollah being disarmed. It is just not going to happen. Hezbollah doesn’t want to be disarmed and there is nobody else willing to do it. In that simple fact lies the potential for future trouble.
…”Even if the Lebanese Government had been crazy enough to try to force the army to do it, I think the army would have refused. A lot of its senior officers are loyal to President Emile Lahoud, the last leading ally of Syria to remain in office in Lebanon.
“Many people regard the army as almost a proxy of Hezbollah.
…”I think Hezbollah realises that they made a big mistake by kidnapping those Israeli soldiers on July 12. They have already admitted that they thought it would cause nothing more than a mini flare up, they didn’t expect the powerful military reaction they got from the Israelis.
…”But I think it is clear that the reason why Hezbollah is now promising to pay a year’s rent for homeless Shia families and compensate them for damaged property is because they have a lot of work to do to bring their supporters back on board.
“What is more, I think the recriminations are about to start in earnest from the other sectarian communities in Lebanon, who stayed quiet during the war out of loyalty to the country. Shias only represent 35 per cent of Lebanon – the rest is divided between Sunnis, Christians and Druze. Overall, the conflict has made an already polarised society even more polarised.

A good read.

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