Hmmm, Since I Missed Out On The Lioness…

Maybe I can pick this up for my Bride

1279 Magna Carta expected to fetch $30 million
NEW YORK (AP) — In the year 1215, a group of English barons handed King John a document written on parchment. Put your royal seal on this, they said. John did, and forever changed the relationship between the monarchy and those it governed.
The document was the Magna Carta, a declaration of human rights that would set some of the guiding principles for democracy as it is known today.
While that original edict was initially ignored and John died the next year, its key ideas were included in other variations over the next few decades, most notably the right of Habeas Corpus, which protects citizens against unlawful imprisonment.
More than 800 years later, about 17 copies survive, and one of those, signed by King Edward I in 1297, will go up for sale December 18 at Sotheby’s.
The document, which Sotheby’s Vice Chairman David Redden calls “the most important document in the world,” is expected to fetch a record $20 million to $30 million.
While earlier versions of the royal edict were written and then ignored, Redden said, “the 1297 Magna Carta became the operative version, the one that was entered into English common law and became the law of the land,” ultimately affecting democracies around the world.
Today, its impact is felt by perhaps a third of the world’s people, he said. This includes all of North America, India, Pakistan, much of Africa, Australia and other areas that made up the British Commonwealth.
“When it’s something as enormously important as this, you try to get a handle on it,” he said. “It is absolutely correct to say the Magna Carta is the birth certificate of freedom. It states the bedrock principle that no person is above the law — that is the essence of it.”
Only two copies of the Magna Carta exist outside Britain, one in Australia and the one Sotheby’s is auctioning off.
An earlier Magna Carta version was loaned by Britain to the United States for its bicentennial celebration in 1976, but suggestions that it be made a permanent gift were rejected.
The 1279 Magna Carta was forced on Edward I by barons unhappy over taxes imposed to pay for his military campaigns in France, Wales and against Scottish rebel William Wallace. The levies were approved in the king’s absence by his 13-year-old son, Prince Edward.
Written in medieval Latin on sheepskin that after 710 years remains intact and legible, the 1297 Magna Carta was owned for five centuries by a British family that put it up for sale in the early 1980s.
From 1988 until a few months ago, it was exhibited in a custom-designed, gold-plated container at the National Archives in Washington, a few feet from its direct descendants, the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution.
“As the only non-American document in there, many would love to see it go back” on display, said Redden, who will wield the hammer. He said the auction will be open to the public, but being a single lot sale, might not take longer than five minutes.

What a neat piece of history. I’d love for our government to frankly buy it. It would be a much better use of our tax money than the $70 million that Congress just spent on jets for themselves.
Now, I posted the full text of the article for two reasons. First, we were in DC this summer and actually saw this document, and it was very cool.
Second, with all we’ve been hearing from MSM folks about how professional they are and how many layers of checks and well-trained controls they have over us pajama types you’d think the all these highly trained competent fonts of veracity at CNN and the AP would be able to decide amongst themselves if this Magna Carta dates from 1279 or 1297.

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  1. Mr. Bingley says:

    (the correct date is 1297, btw)

  2. This is what’s wrong with the blogosphere, dammit!! Cheeky little a$$holes ~ dates, schmates! Get a grip ~ it happened on or about 1290-1300. It’s an informative article, not a pop quiz.

  3. (Well within the margin of error, so pi$$ off.)

  4. The_Real_JeffS says:

    Boy, I wondered who I.R.A Wrighter was….now I know!!!!!

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