Hmmmm. Why Does This Bug the Sh$T Out of Me?

(Alito)…replace moderate Justice Sandra Day O’Connor in a bid to reshape the Supreme Court and mollify his political base.

Oh, yeah. I want Rush Limbaugh the pill-head or Pat Robertson the love-fest director dictating who gets a Supreme Court berth.

5 Responses to “Hmmmm. Why Does This Bug the Sh$T Out of Me?”

  1. Dave J says:

    That’s just the AP stupidly editorializing. Alito is a great pick.

  2. Mr. Bingley says:

    That was my take, Dave. Whomever he picked was going to be tagged “a sop to the extremerightwingevuldaemons”.

  3. Cullen says:

    So far, from what I’ve read, everything looks pretty good. I’m still a “wait and see what he has to say” kind of guy.

  4. Nightfly says:

    A conservative from New Jersey? What museum was he exhibited in?

  5. GALA says:

    “Alito’s (90-year-old) mother shed some light.” on the abortion issue.
    Now that’s what I call in-depth reporting.

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