And Hubig’s Said, Let Them Eat Pie
This city savors some pleasures not so much for what they are as for what they were.
Thus the local esteem for the Hubig’s Pie, a glazed turnover of fried dough and fruit filling, sugary-sweet, palm-size, modest in its aspirations but, since the 1920’s, unaltered. And, until Hurricane Katrina, never absent.
But for four months now, New Orleans has done painfully without: Hubig’s lost half its employees and a third of its trucks, and returned to huge cracks in its ancient bakery.
Monday, the pies were back. All over town, any driver the Simon Hubig Company could find walked into whatever grocery stores were open, bearing cardboard trays of pies, palm up.

A Swill Salute to eGullet.

3 Responses to “Hmmmm…”

  1. Cullen says:

    I can’t believe I’ve never had a Hubig pie. However, without having tasted one, I can still say, unequivicably that these pies are the best in the state.

  2. Rob says:

    You guys can laugh but I missed those Hubig’s Pineapple Pies something awful. I used to get one with just about every fuel stop. Tried to get one last night on the way home. SOLD OUT.

  3. No one’s laughing at you, Rob. (Us? Do THAT? Perish the thought.) Just be consoled by a sold-out sign vice a ‘never gonna see one of those again ’cause it’s all schmutzed’ sign. Sold Out is MUCH cheerier.
    We love that factory, by the way. For weekends at the Art Market, we’d come down Elysian Fields off the 10, make that left on Dauphine and start looking for the pie place immediately. One of our best navigational beacons for the Bywater. And we’d (Me, major dad and, if we were singularly blessed ~ and Air Tran hadn’t laid a purple whammy on her yet ~ Kcruella.) all be laughing “hmmmm, PIES!”

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