Hold Your Hand Out, Hold Your Hand High!

Isn’t that, like, an Argent song or something? NO, it’s NOT
Surprise!!! It’s the Governor of Louisiana!!

In her address Wednesday night, Louisiana Democratic Governor Kathleen Blanco (search) said, “…in order to rebuild this state, ALL levels of government must work together, as never before, with one purpose — the well-being of our people.” Then she said, “I have asked the federal government to cover 100 percent of what Louisiana will spend on this disaster.”
As for the subsequent contracts for rebuilding, will they go to the lowest bidder? Not necessarily. Blanco said she told the Federal Emergency Management Agency to give top priority to Louisiana companies.

Has she said ‘sorry’ yet? I missed that part.

10 Responses to “Hold Your Hand Out, Hold Your Hand High!”

  1. Habib says:

    Bloody Argent!! why not go the whole hog and incude hideous flashbacks by mentioning Arthur Brown?
    (I suppose he was more into fire than floods, but there’s a few of them now as well).

  2. (Yeesh, Habib! That is some pretty scary stuff. And you’re dead-on about the flames aspect.)

  3. Ken Summers says:

    As applied to Ms. Blanco, perhaps the lyric should be changed to “Pull your head out…”

  4. BRILLIANT, Mr. Summers! rotflmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaoooooooooooooooooo

  5. Crusader says:

    Why not? I mean hell, the gubment is supposed to pay for your healthcare, your education, your retirement, why not this? We are an entitlement society, and until the people paying the bills actually wake up and say “WTF?”, it will just get worse. No surprises.

  6. The Real JeffS says:

    What I’m reading is that the *initial* contracts went out as “indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity”, which is a fancy way of saying Uncle Sugar hired one contractor to hire and manage a bunch of other sub-contractors. Some of these contracts were in place *before* the storm hit; it’s part of the disaster preparedness plan.
    This means that, within certain guidelines, the primary contractor picks who gets hired. Doubtless the prime must report what firms are hired, but the emphasis is usually on fairness and responsiveness. FEMA has been down this road before, trust me. Local firms can’t take the entire load, even if they are fully operational.
    Besides, every person with a carpenter’s tool kit and a small dump truck is hauling a$$ towards the disaster area. There is a lot of work to do, and able hands are needed badly. Or not so able, for that matter.
    So I don’t think that the Governor can dictate to a significant degree just who gets the contracts. She may think she has a say, and I’m sure FEMA will listen, within the limits of contracting law.
    Local firms will likely get a first shoot, but Federal contracting laws are pretty firm on “preferential treatment”. As the need is to get the work done, and not just pump money in Governor Blanco’s back pocket by hiring her 5th cousins brother-in-law’s firm (if that be her intent), ol’ Blanco may be a tad disappointed. People should recall that she claimed that the Arkansas ARNG was moving into New Orleans with orders to shoot to kill…..when that was exactly wrong.
    In other words, “Hey, Blanco, PFFFFFT!!!

  7. she told the Federal Emergency Management Agency to give top priority to Louisiana companies.
    She sure gets pushy when the storm’s long gone…I would have far rather heard

    “she TOLD Mayor Nagin two days BEFORE Katrina to get his ass in gear, get every last school bus loaded full of poor folks and get them the flock OUT of there!”

    But she didn’t told nobody that

  8. Cullen says:

    In other words, “Hey, Blanco, PFFFFFT!!!
    No better summation. Ever.

  9. Aunti says:

    Blanco has a severe case of HUB syndrome. If you can’t pull you head out your butt, how can you say I’m Sorry?

  10. It does make one ‘speech challenged’, bwahahahaha!!!!

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