Holy Aay!atolla!!

…Iranians still party like no other. See, it works like this: If you go to a party or a club in Ibiza or Madrid, you usually come home at 10:00 a.m. the next morning, but in Iran you come home the following week. There are no clubs or bars in Iran (that is common knowledge to most of the world) but really nothing, and I mean nothing, compares to a house party in Teheran.
Every repressed attraction to the opposite sex, every urge to have a beer with your lunch, every desire to have a “happy hour” after a long day’s work, every desire to give your partner a kiss at a restaurant forms into a tidal wave of absolute debauchery consisting of heavy drug use, massive alcohol consumption and, unfortunately, not-so-safe sex. With unemployment so high, inflation that doesn’t cease, and a generation of youth that have lost ALL hope in their national government, the best thing you can do, for the time being, is pour yourself some illegally imported Russian vodka, light up a cigarette, and watch the world, as you know it, go to hell.

And ‘shiraz’ is originally an Iranian wine district?
I had no idea.

2 Responses to “Holy Aay!atolla!!”

  1. John says:

    That inveterate liar T.E. Lawrence described this behavior in Arab tribesmen coming back off of a long trek in the desert. Probably one of the only true observations contained in The Seven Pillars of Wisdom.
    I’ve seen the same phenomenon in some ex-military types. Generally a stint in the military makes people grow a sense of responsibility, but some people don’t grow one for themseleves, they need the LT and the Sgt. constantly looking over their shoulders. When they return to the civilian world, absent the authority figures, they make a pure hash of their lives from total lack of self-control.
    I also saw a similar phenomenon in Lithuania circa 1990. Both Catholic literature and prOgraphy were banned by the Communists, and anything banned by them must be A-OK, right? So you saw the very curious phenomenon of kiosks at the bus station selling both Yugoslavian Pr0n and devotional literature placed right next to each other on the little display board. When you ban everything remotely pleasurable, the damn will eventually break, and when it does, even Bacchus will be embarassed.

  2. It’s the old truism, John. Who’s always the most incorrigible hoodlum in school? The preacher’s kid.

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