Hot Steamy Accordion Sex

Zurich on a Sunday night is a funny place, I guess. After taking the Anti-Carpentry Tram in from the airport I was greeted by this rather captivating little vixen at the main train station

I especially like that red glowing whip for when I’ve been naughty.

and I have been, oh yes I have.

We then spent the afternoon dodging the thunderstorms by making use of very conveniently placed beer gardens: every time we saw a cloud we stopped and had a beer. It worked marvelously and I can highly recommend such a strategy for any future city excursions, as it also involved the consumption of some of the best wurst I’ve ever had.

I always wanted to write that line.

We were searching for a bar called the Aelpi Bar, which Ave promised me was a very typical traditional Swiss place where the locals really let their hair down.

Who knew it would be a lair of hot steamy accordion sex?

At least it sounded like they were saying “sex”; perhaps they were saying “sechs” which is German for “six”, which I guess makes sense as there were at one point six people totally rocking out on their accordions.

Plus the extremely mellow fellow playing bass.

Check out the sailor-striped gal on the left. My sources tell me she’s regarded in such circles as would know as the Pete Townsend of the accordion world, and I believe it. During some of her more rousing numbers she’d stand up and hop about a bit and then, to really whip the over-flowing crowd of, oh, I guess there were about fifteen of us packed into the extremely small un-air-conditioned hot and humid bar, yes to really whip us into a weiss-beer-fueled frenzy she’d hold the accordion above her head and wail away.

It was magical.

Of course, it was also Zurich.

On a Sunday night.

Which means that this wild licentiousness all ended at 6 pm. The bar promptly closed.

Our senses still all a-tingly from the ethereal accordion-palooza we headed to the quiet oasis of the Storchen-Bar

where to show the world that I can indeed rise to the level of my company I had a couple of Manhattans and Ave had a couple of Kir Royales.

And then being sufficiently refreshed we went off to dinner.

13 Responses to “Hot Steamy Accordion Sex”

  1. Dave E. says:

    Tell me that the sailor-striped gal ended the show by smashing her accordion on the floor.

  2. tree hugging sister says:

    I should sue them for stealing my bathing suit design like that.

  3. tree hugging sister says:

    (And we ALWAYS have Kir Royale makings here, Ave! Kcruella and I got hooked on them in New Orleans, so major dad has to whip them up on demand at the house now.)

  4. Dr Alice says:

    That sounds like a fun time, Bingley! Now I’m putting Zurich on my travel list.

  5. Yojimbo says:

    Glad you could squeeze all those places in.

  6. Ave says:

    Thanks Yojimbo, it was quite fun even with Bingley bellowing at each stop. (BTW THS, I’d love to enjoy a Kir Royale with you some day!!)

  7. tree hugging sister says:

    (I love guard cats, by the way.)

  8. tree hugging sister says:

    (So does major dad. We’re not churlish guests like SOME. Now, if you head OUR way, the pack will keep YOUR beverage safe.)

  9. Ave says:

    Ya’ll come on over and we’ll have a ball!

  10. Fausta says:

    Love Zurich!
    And they had great food, too.

  11. Jim - PRS says:

    I’ve spent some significant time in Switzerland, including Zurich. Great beer and also great wine (a well-kept secret; they they don’t export it; they drink it all).

    Try the Pfluemli (the Swiss version of slivovitz). It’ll rot yer sox.

  12. Kate P says:

    Hmmm, I don’t know if you actually saw the blue vixen or if that was a post-accordion-sex-beer-garden-romp hallucination.

    But in either case, it sounds like fun!

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