How ‘Bout That Auto Bailout Speech?!

The WaPo gives Captain Barftastic a rather harsh assessment

President Obama’s phony accounting on the auto industry bailout…

…The Pinocchio Test
The president is straining too hard. If the auto industry bailout is really a success, there should be no need to resort to trumped-up rhetoric and phony accounting to make your case. Let the facts speak for themselves.

Three Pinocchios

Well, in his defense, you can only do what you know.

One Response to “How ‘Bout That Auto Bailout Speech?!”

  1. Gary from Jersey says:

    Some day, some how, a bigshot politico will finally fess up and not the UAW also got the feds to take over its pension fund and to give an obamacare waiver after having written big parts of it. The hidden costs are well into the billions, but we proles don’t need to know that, just like we don’t need to know that more than 2,000 GM hires since 2009 were Canadian.

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