How More Disgusting Can These Animals Get?

It’s bad enough that they ‘recruit’ these suicide bombers to slaughter people while they try and shop and get on with their lives in a reasonable facsimile of normalcy. Yeah, that’s one hell of an effective strategy to advance your cause, I know; I mean, heck, I’m convinced of the moral righteousness of their position. Now, understandably, volunteers for these exciting job positions that, er, open up have become somewhat scarce of late so to meet their quotas they turn to this

The acting director of a Baghdad psychiatric hospital has been arrested on suspicion of supplying al-Qaeda in Iraq with the mentally impaired women that it used to blow up two crowded animal markets in the city on February 1, killing about 100 people.
Iraqi security forces and US soldiers arrested the man at al-Rashad hospital in east Baghdad on Sunday. They then spent three hours searching his office and removing records. Sources told The Times that the two women bombers had been treated at the hospital in the past.
“They [the security forces] arrested the acting director, accusing him of working with al-Qaeda and recruiting mentally ill women and using them in suicide bombing operations,” a hospital official said.
…The attraction of mentally impaired women to al-Qaeda was obvious, he said. Being women they could get close to targets with less chance of being stopped or searched; being mentally impaired, they were “less likely to make a rational judgment about what they are being asked to do”…

As Bryan says, words fail. As the first commentator at HotAir says, these are the kind of people that Barack would ‘negotiate’ with and leave the Iraqi people to fend with at the first chance he got.
And where is the outcry from the women’s groups here about this?

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