How to Read That Unemployment Number Drop

A RECORD 1.2 MILLION Drop OUT of the Labor Force

And the rate goes down!


ths update: Jeff over at Protein Wisdom found somebody to do the REAL math:

Once again, the civilian labor force participation rate has declined, from 64 percent to 63.7 percent in a single month. Since January 2009, it has declined from 65.7 percent, resulting in approximately 4.7 million people no longer being counted towards the unemployment rate. If they were included, the real rate of unemployed working age adults would be 11.01 percent, and the underemployed would be 17.6 percent.

Overall, that includes the 12.7 million people that BLS says are actually unemployed, and then 4.7 million who have given up looking for work, plus another 10.5 million who can’t find full-time work. All together, there’s 28 million working age adults who simply cannot find work in the Obama economy.

Inconvenient for the smartest administration ever and stright to the heart of AliceH’s point in the comments.

If they’re pulling this rabbit out of their hats so early, what on EARTH are they planning for, ooohhhh, say, August?

7 Responses to “How to Read That Unemployment Number Drop”

  1. AliceH says:

    I find this surprising only in that they’ve pulled this statistical ‘adjustment’ so early. I really expected them to start the really big changes to baselines and whatnot around mid-summer – close enough to the election while still having time to get all the ads claiming “see I TOLD you my policies are working” out there.

    Doing this now makes me wonder how much more creative and imaginative accounting they’ve got lined up.

  2. JeffS says:

    It could be a panic reaction on their part, Alice, an attempt to set the stage for a gradual “improvement” over the coming months, rather than a dramatic improvement in August.

    I say “panic” because there’s no way the economic conditions will improve between now and the elections, as the White House thought they would. Or at least SAID they would. That ain’t gonna happen, and hence the shift in the message.

    The message is stupid, by the way: with that many people with unemployment problems, someone is going to know SOMEBODY in dire straights. Anecdotal evidence is very strong on a personal level.

    But, yeah, creativity and imagination, we’ll see a lot of that in the coming days.

  3. mojo says:

    War with Iran

  4. Dave E. says:

    By August, not only will everybody be employed, we’ll all be working two jobs.

  5. aelfheld says:

    Be happy they’ve tried this subterfuge now – it increases the likelihood the truth will filter out before November.

  6. Greg Newson says:

    It’s all fake .Joseph Goebbels
    is smiling from hell.

  7. Michael Lonie says:

    Mojo hits it. Can you say “Wag the dog?” I knew you could.

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