Hurricane Nate Update

We have officially ensured no Hurricane Nate hit here. Under protest, major “It Isn’t Coming Here” dad indulged his typhoon averse wife and…we put the frickin’ new (‘NEW’ as in ‘untouched since the day the Squid Terrorist cut them ELEVEN years ago’?) shutters up.

I will sleep soundly tonight.

Socks, on the other hand, is really confused about where ‘outside’ went, and is morosely moving from dark sill to dark sill. He’d scratch his kitty head if he could.

ths update:

major dad has the bacon sammiches started – our traditional hurricane breakfast – and all is right with the world. Thanks for the crossed fingers everyone – THEY WORKED!

7 Responses to “Hurricane Nate Update”

  1. Kathy Kinsley says:

    Good to hear; Better safe than sorry.

  2. leelu says:

    Stay safe and dry!

  3. Kathy Kinsley says:


  4. JeffS says:

    It’s good to hear that you made it through safely!

    But get Major Dad to install gun ports on those shutters, STAT!

  5. aelfheld says:

    Glad you escaped.

  6. tree hugging sister says:

    We are, too, lol! Thanks guys!

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