I Am Also in Love…

…with the idea of a leatherneck who goes by ‘Lt. Col. Lionel Urquhart‘, commander of the 3rd Battalion, 25th Marine Regiment‘.
Jeez, with a name like that how Braveheart can you get? The MSNBC story about the Marines is quite good ~ lots of Jarheads interviewed. Pravda’s story, on the other hand, is headlined ‘Marines Mount 2nd Drive on Insurgents in West Iraq’ and, of course, it’s all Army brass and some Shiite Iraqi Army quotes. Not one young Marine spoken of or to. And they don’t capitalize ‘Marines‘. That pisses me off like a big dog, the loser liberal SFB’s.

One Response to “I Am Also in Love…”

  1. There’s an odd pattern developing…

    First this post. Then this post. Then this post. I don’t know where this is going and I’m not sure I want to….

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