(And probably should have waited until the red glaze cleared from my eyes, but I’ve never had that kind of self control.)
Don’t let the headline fool you.

‘It is Time for Muslims to Reciprocate’
This week a Berlin opera house cancelled a performance of Mozart in the latest of many crises over religious sensitivities. A moderate Muslim asks: Have we learned anything?
The voluntary closing of the Deutsche Oper Berlin because of the anticipated sensitivities of Muslims hearing about their Prophet’s severed head assumes great symbolic significance in the age of globalization in which we live. Images, events and words—as we saw in the case of Pope Benedict a few days ago—have the capacity to inflame societies across the world in a matter of hours.

Let’s clarify that point ~ just Islamic societies. There are no riotous Baptists, no one burns cars when Falwell speaks, nor riots in the streets at the words of the Arch Bishop of Canterbury. Get my drift? It’s not ‘societies’…it’s JUST Muslims.

The tragic events of September 11, 2001, in one sense could be viewed as a symptom of this growing crisis between the two civilizations. Five years ago, the world was poised at the crossroads: one road led to a clash of civilizations and another toward dialogue and understanding. Developments after September 11 have confirmed in the minds of millions across the world that there is a global conflict in progress. Nearly 3,000 American lives were lost on that day and another 3,000 have been lost in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is estimated that tens of thousands of Muslims have lost their lives in these wars. As a result, an entire generation of young Muslims is coming of age that sees the world through the lens of an ongoing attack on the foundations of its faith.*

*I interpret that as “you brought that sh*t on yourself and CONTINUE to do so.” Did I get that wrong?

It is time for Muslims to reciprocate these gestures. As a Muslim committed to interfaith dialogue, I would appeal to the president of Iran not to make provocative remarks about the Holocaust nor to threaten the Jewish population with extermination. It is time for all of us to think about the boldness of the theater owners in Germany. They did, after all, stop a production of Mozart, the quintessential iconic Germanic figure, in order to express their belief in the dialogue of and understanding between civilizations.

Nooooo, they did it out of fear of VIOLENT ISLAMIC retribution, not a chance for dialogue. If they wanted to TALK, they wouldn’t have spent a gazillion dollars getting a production together that subsequently had to be cancelled thanks to implied threats of Muslim goonism. They could have simply picked up the phone and dialed the local mullah. What a canard and seeing it in print defies belief.
This is the precise, mealy mouthed BULLSHIT that passes for ‘moderate’ in the Islamic world and that the MSM swallows whole hog.
NOWHERE does Mr. Akmed call the 9/11 MUSLIM hijackers MURDERERS.
NOWHERE does Mr. Akmed mention the tens of thousands of Muslims MURDERED by fellow MUSLIMS in the name of ISLAM.
NOWHERE does Mr. Akmed CONDEMN ANY of the slaughter in ALLAH’s name.
Oh yes, it’s presented to us and we have the presence of mind to call it the bullshit that it is. We can see the prevarications and the skillful blame spin game and note that there is NO acceptance YET AGAIN of ANY responsibility on the part of Islam OR it’s increasingly strident but FEEBLE apologists.
BUT this Newsweek goes to the WHOLE WORLD and Islamic clerics everywhere will be waving Mr. Akmed’s piece as if they now had PROOF positive that Islam has M-O-D-E-R-A-T-E-S ~ that there are lucid and reasonable faces among the mob. What a f*ckin’ shell game.
DE-ASSKISSALATION, people. “It’s Time for Muslims to Reciprocate” my ass. It’s time for them to F*CKING STOP.
Or for US to stop THEM.
Enough already.
Michelle Malkin has transcripts of forbidden op-ed letters. No transcripts of ‘moderate’ voices raised in protest.

5 Responses to “I Am SMOKIN’ Mad

  1. Quote of the week

    This post by THS reminds me of a line I heard this week on the radio. It’s actually an old one from the Vietnam era on “winning hearts and minds”, and was used in reference to “winning hearts and minds”…

  2. Mr. Bingley says:

    Although I totally support free speech and freedom of expression, and have been saying so publicly, all of us need to be sensitive to the culture and traditions of other faiths.
    I am for freedom of speech at all times except for when you try to exercise it.

  3. John says:

    How about no more Protocols of the Elders of Zion from them? Because that is used to incite, you know, actual murder in Israel.
    The foundations of my faith are under attack every day in my own society. Get used to the modern world, dweebs.

  4. Nightfly says:

    Whoa nellie, that’s a-spicy smackdown. Where do I go to get a column of my own to smoosh?
    Oh, right – first place I look. Sorry.

  5. KG says:

    no one burns cars when Falwell speaks
    The urge to burn cars when Falwell speaks is why I turn the channel when I see his face.

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