I Am So Disgusted By This

I saw this yesterday and just couldn’t post on it. It is beyond vile

ST. PAUL, Minnesota (AP) — A 17-year-old girl who spent weeks looking for her missing dog unwrapped a box left at her house and found the pet’s severed head inside, authorities said.
…After Crystal Brown’s 4-year-old Australian shepherd mix, Chevy, wandered away last month, she put up “missing” posters in her neighborhood and went door to door looking for him. She called the St. Paul animal shelter and rode the bus there several times.
…Two weeks ago, a gift-wrapped box was left at the house Crystal shares with her grandmother. The box had batteries on top, and a note that said “Congratulations Crystal. This side up. Batteries included.”
Crystal opened the box and found her dog’s head inside. The box also contained Valentine’s Day candy.

What kind of a sick demented bastard could possibly do such a thing?

12 Responses to “I Am So Disgusted By This”

  1. Weird, just as I was hitting the post button, that story came on the radio.

  2. Dave E. says:

    Yeah, I saw that too and couldn’t come up with anything but an incoherent string of expletives. That’s one sick bastard out there that needs to get caught.

  3. ed says:

    The person who could do that is, quite frankly, a serial killer in the making.

  4. John says:

    This sicko needs to be caught ASAP. This is exactly how Jeff Dahmer started out.
    I really don’t think that someone that sick can be cured, just quarantined.

  5. The_Real_JeffS says:

    Yes, this creep needs to locked up, pronto.

  6. ricki says:

    Yeah, “incoherent string of expletives” pretty much covers how I feel. That poor girl! My heart breaks…
    Anyone who would do this to a dog (and to the girl who owned him) needs to be off the streets. Preferably for the rest of his life.

  7. Mr. Bingley says:

    I fear you’re right, ed.

  8. Nightfly says:

    Sadly, Ed is certainly right. I hope that the cops trace the package and find the bastard quickly.

  9. Gunslinger says:

    The asshole responsible is a great reason for public executions.

  10. Dave J says:

    “I really don’t think that someone that sick can be cured…”
    There’s a cure. It’s called “death.”

  11. The_Real_JeffS says:

    Death is a form of quarantine, Dave. Shut away from the world in a buried box. Works for me.

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