I Blame Bush!

corporate whore that he is.

Those annoying television commercials that told parents to talk to their teenagers about not smoking were especially annoying to the kids they were meant to help, an upcoming article in the American Journal of Public Health will claim–so annoying that they may have encouraged kids to take up the habit that the tobacco-company-sponsored spots were supposed to deter.
…The study looked at the results of the advertising on the smoking habits and beliefs of American school students. It turns out, perhaps unsurprisingly, that peer pressure overpowered the messages that penetrated living rooms in 75 U.S. television markets.
“As adolescents age toward adulthood, they are more inclined to perceive themselves as independent and self-reliant and less likely to report that they rely on their parents for guidance or assistance,” the study said.
The ads aimed at the kids themselves did not have any effect on teen smoking, the study found, while those targeted at the parents apparently made the kids who saw them more likely to smoke.

“No way!” “You’re joking!” And the always popular “what a surprise!” If this was REAL news and not a RETHUGLICAN PLOT, it would be on MSNBC/ABC and not FORBES.
In an unlikely coincidence, a proposed constitutional amendent is on the ballot here in Florida. In their infinite wisdom, the do-gooder dolts want to:

No. 4: Protect People Especially Youth, From Addiction, Disease, and Other Health Hazards of Using Tobacco
To protect people, especially youth, from addiction, disease, and other health hazards of using tobacco, the Legislature shall use some Tobacco Settlement money annually for a comprehensive statewide tobacco education and prevention program using Centers for Disease Control best practices. Specifies some program components, emphasizing youth, requiring one-third of total annual funding for advertising. Annual funding is 15% of 2005 Tobacco Settlement payments to Florida, adjusted annually for inflation. Provides definitions. Effective immediately.

Protect PEEPS! Especially YOOTS!! For $57 MILLION a YEAR!!
(Hey! Protection ain’t cheap.) Even if the protection doesn’t WORK! Is a FAILURE! Like BUSH’S IRAQ POLICY!! Because he’s STOOOPID. Like YOO ARE if you don’t vote for No.4. You must always vote for the CHIIIIDREN. Or YOO’RE A STOOPID REPUBLICAN HATER GATOR.

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