I Can Understand This Father’s Grief

His 14 year old was killed when the vehicle she was a passenger in struck a freight train parked on a country road train crossing at night. It had no warning lights or cross bars. I can understand and feel for their pain deeply.

“Those lives were taken because of our negligence!…I hope you lose your job and go ahead and suffer some loss!”

What I CAN’T understand is HOW his daughter came to be there. Or any of the other victims.

“The impact killed all four backseat passengers.”

Three FOURTEEN year old girls and one THIRTEEN year old boy.
The driver and front seat passenger lived ~ both FIFTEEN year old boys.
They were speeding.
In a STOLEN jeep.
It was 3:30…A.M.
You can blame them all you want but…
I don’t think Union Pacific killed your kid, Dad.

3 Responses to “I Can Understand This Father’s Grief”

  1. Mr. Bingley says:

    Yeah, I would think there were a few other factors at play here.

  2. Wait a minute — the train was parked? As in, it was just sitting there? So why should it have had warning lights or anything? If it was parked it was basically not a moving object. It was basically… something they hit. Also, why didn’t they see it? Didn’t they have their headlights on at 3:30am? Was it painted with special paint rendering it invisible?

  3. Skul says:

    One of the girls was twelve. She snuck out of the house that night.

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