I Can’t Decide If This Is the Coolest Idea Ever

…or if I should just slit my wrists and get it over with.

Moral of the Story: If you have to sell out, at least do it for something manly.

4 Responses to “I Can’t Decide If This Is the Coolest Idea Ever”

  1. Aryamehr says:

    I was wondering if you could review this latest entry of mine and pass it on to both U.S. servicemen and the U.S. public in general:
    Too many Americans have had to sacrifice their lives for other peoples’ freedom which is an honorable thing – but when there are viable alternatives to spreading freedom, why are they not chosen!? or even talked about in the MSM (main-stream-media)!?
    Iran is in the spotlight now. Iran has the most pro-American POPULATION in that region; and I can affirm to that being of Iranian descent myself! Iran is also a country which for 28 years has been under an islamo-fascist dictatorship that has killed and oppressed hundreds of thousands of Iranians. There is overwhelming resent towards this regime going as far as calling it an occupational regime!
    Iranians want change. Iranians want to send this Islamic Republic to hell where it belongs! So why should Americans have to loose their lives? Is it not more viable in your opinion to support Iranian opposition forces (students, teachers, workers, etc) in overthrowing this regime, without a drop of American blood being shed?!
    Please get back to me with your input. Many thanks in advance.A

  2. Cullen says:

    It’s the coolest thing.

  3. Kcruella says:

    Just saw it on TV for the first time tonight. Evil Dead, The Musical is getting ready to open, coincidence??

  4. I have to admit to a few minutes of Smothers Brothers tomato juice routine.
    “WHOA! Is that…?”
    “But I swear to God, it looks like him!”
    “That voice sounds like…”
    “I’m tellin’ you ‘no’.”
    So I Google. And shoot back an admittedly smug “HAH !!!
    And you’re right, Kcruella ~ I saw that in the Times Sunday and never put the two together. I must say he’s looking very natty ~ less angular, to put it another way. And did you see the premise of the movie on the website? Genius.
    Okay. I like the commercial. It’s as incomprehensible as anything he’s ever done, so true unto himself.
    Wrist razor sheathed.

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