I Couldn’t Read This News Item…

…and not pass it along to you, Dear Readers, especially in light of this morning’s news from Ohio:

A senior council manager who claimed he was forced to quit his job after complaining about workplace sex has won his case for unfair dismissal.
Tom McNeil, 52, said he left his Aberdeen City Council job after reporting two colleagues for engaging in sex acts.
He claimed he saw a woman performing a sex act on then director of sport and leisure Brian Woodcock.
Mr McNeil was awarded £26,028. He said it was “absolutely brilliant”.

It is unclear if he was referring to the award or the act…

5 Responses to “I Couldn’t Read This News Item…”

  1. Dave J says:

    In my mind, I hear it as the guys from the Guiness ads saying “BRILLIANT!”

  2. The_Real_JeffS says:

    Or he might have been referring to the name of the “sports and leisure directory”, and the guy’s choice of professions.

  3. greg newson says:

    Are you making this stuff up? Is this really
    his name and ” position”

  4. Mr. Bingley says:

    Seriously, Greg, it sounds like a James Bond script, doesn’t it?
    I half expect the woman’s name to be “Holly Goodhead“…

  5. Holly Goodhead beats Pussy Galore.
    Hands down, even.

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