I Didn’t Want to Start a Panic ‘er Nuthin’

…but I noticed I got the last two boxes of Zatarain’s Red Beans and Rice at the commissary an hour ago. I know Bingley and Cruella have both been stealth hoarding just…in case the unTHINKable happened. Whew. I’m breathing a little easier after reading this. Just a little

Hurricane Katrina has forced Zatarain’s to implement its Disaster Recovery Plan. While there is much suffering and disruption for our employees and our communities we are focused on continuing our operations and satisfying your needs. Our production, warehouse and office facilities in Gretna, Louisiana are in good condition. Our issues are electricity, access roads, other city services, and the ability to mobilize employees in Gretna. As a result we have set up temporary headquarter functions and operations in Dallas, Texas. We have a tremendous amount of resources available to us. These include the McCormick Dallas facilities as well as a number of co-packers in the immediate area and elsewhere. Our raw material suppliers are being contacted to redirect our needs to a variety of locations for continued production and distribution. And we have the resources of all of McCormick available to us.

Now, the question begs to be asked…if even the Red Beans and Rice folks have a “Disaster Recovery Plan”…Mayor Noggin? Wanna step in here? (Or have you stepped in enough already?)

5 Responses to “I Didn’t Want to Start a Panic ‘er Nuthin’”

  1. Mr. Bingley says:

    I’m hittin’ the store again tonight, just to be safe. For all we know the “New” Zatarain’s may be done by them New Coke folks.

  2. The Real JeffS says:

    The seriously pathetic thing here is that “business recovery plans” (or “disaster recovery plans”) have been used FOR YEARS! I was using them as the model for the continuity of operations plans that I was developing for my office, along with the model Feds put out for Federal agencies.
    I also keep a particular fact in mind when I work with local and state governments on disaster plans: no business can stay in business without being able to conduct business. If a store ain’t open soon after a disaster, the chances are high that said store will never re-open.
    Too bad most politicians don’t realize it’s the same for government as well.

  3. Cullen says:

    The Private Sector is always a step ahead of reactionary government.
    Speaking of disaster management in business, anyone ever read that story about the bleach company whose disaster management plan was leaked publically? Great stuff. Let me see if I can find it …
    Ah! Here we go.

  4. Bleach? Leaked?
    Oh, I’m DYING here, Cullen, DYING.

  5. Cullen says:

    Sometimes you cast the dye and it lands where it will. Could have swore that was a peroxide thing though.

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