“I Do Not Believe I Heard Your Name, Tall Man”

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

5 Responses to ““I Do Not Believe I Heard Your Name, Tall Man””

  1. BlackDog says:

    Great Movie!
    But the best line from a John Wayne movie was from Fort Apache.
    Henry Fonda ordered the destruction of several barrels of illegal trade whiskey and left. Victor McLaughlin started passing out cups to several troopers with him and said: “Men, we have a mighty task ahead of us!” & started drinking the whiskey.
    The second best line was from the Commancheros. Judge Edgar Buchannan said: “As sensible Texicans, we do this legal & proper or ilegal & improperly.”

    Happy St Patrick’s Day & I am celebrating at home with some Powers Whiskey.

  2. Greg Newsom says:

    Maureen Ohara is still alive!!
    She’s 92 and still kicking.
    The last of the old stars from the Golden Age of movies.
    I recently watched the ‘Quiet Man,Wow! what woman.
    Black Dog where have you been?
    I’m Irish and Swedish,so I
    drink a lot,but feel guilty about it,Ha!Ha!

  3. Skyler says:

    I’ve never seen this movie from the beginning, and all I ever seem to remember is John Wayne beats the snot out of his wife. I never cared for seeing the rest of it.

  4. tree hugging sister says:

    I guess you missed the part where the Maureen O’Hara character is counseled to “kindly don’t hit the man until he’s your husband and can hit you back”. 🙂

  5. mojo says:

    McLaglen at his blustery best.

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