I Guess If I Were the New York Times

…and someone who worked for me had the nerve to appear on TV and say something like THIS

Times editors have carefully made clear their disapproval of the expression of a personal opinion about Iraq on national television by the paper’s chief military correspondent, Michael Gordon.
The rumored military buildup in Iraq was a hot topic on the Jan. 8 “Charlie Rose” show, and the host asked Mr. Gordon if he believed “victory is within our grasp.” The transcript of Mr. Gordon’s response, which he stressed was “purely personal,” includes these comments:
So I think, you know, as a purely personal view, I think it’s worth it [sic] one last effort for sure to try to get this right, because my personal view is we’ve never really tried to win. We’ve simply been managing our way to defeat. And I think that if it’s done right, I think that there is the chance to accomplish something.

…I’d be compelled to whack his peepee, too.

…I raised reader concerns about Mr. Gordon’s voicing of personal opinions with top editors, and received a response from Philip Taubman, the Washington bureau chief. After noting that Mr. Gordon has “long been mindful and respectful of the line between analysis and opinion in his television appearances,” Mr. Taubman went on to draw the line in this case.
“I would agree with you that he stepped over the line on the ‘Charlie Rose’ show. I have discussed the appearances with Michael and I am satisfied that the comments on the Rose show were an aberration. They were a poorly worded shorthand for some analytical points about the military and political situation in Baghdad that Michael has made in the newspaper in a more nuanced and unopinionated way. He agrees his comments on the show went too far.

It is pretty diametrically opposed to what I’m assuming the NYT editorial staff is used to getting from him. And how dare he offer his personal opinion when asked for his…personal opinion.
What I want to know is, since his personal opinion is also based on his experience but is an anathema to the NYT and (apparently) their readers…what does that say about his reporting? Is that fashioned to suit his employers then and not a reflection of what he actually sees?

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  1. I think it is his reporting which I think is also the edict of the NYT.

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