I Guess This Kind Of Proves Garcia’s Point

Obama’s Golden Touch continues

CHICAGO (CBS) — Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel will take on Cook County Commissioner Jesus “Chuy” Garcia in the first mayoral runoff election in Chicago history on April 7.
A fiery Garcia, who finished second to Emanuel, criticized Emanuel on catering to special interests and failing to do enough on crime an education in a speech to his supporters at the Alhambra Palace in the West Loop.

Crime an education.

Yep, layers and layers of editors and fact-checkers.

It will be nice to see Rahm crawl back into the fetid little sewer he came out of.

3 Responses to “I Guess This Kind Of Proves Garcia’s Point”

  1. Syd B. says:

    The corruption in Chicago remains strong and proud. I think I’d rather take an elevator ride with Ray Rice than Emanuel. Here’s a little known fact about the S.O.B. He attended a former all women’s college, Sarah Lawrence, as a dance major. He proved himself to be an incredible tough fellow since. I guess he had no choice.

  2. leelu says:

    May the Force(tm) be with Chuey!

  3. aelfheld says:

    You assume the sewer would have him back.

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