I Hate Pajama Boys

Hateses them.

UPDATE: I see that the original poster has chosen to finally delete his tweet, after taking what could generously be described as a brutal pounding. Let me set the scene for you:

A video of the moving walkway at Atlanta airport. As travelers – including the poster – use the center conveyor, the sides are flanked with hundreds of American SOLDIERS, probably members of the 82d, awaiting transport to the latest flare-up in the always peaceful Middle East. Some are walking along the glass railing adjacent to the autowalk, but most are just patiently standing in line. A LONG line along the terminal walls.

The poster’s written comment on HIS video?

This is terrifying.

The tweet below was my answer.

After deleting his despicable commentary on America’s blood and treasure, “Danny Ocean” settled for this:

I assume we are all meant to worship at the altar of his profoundness.

UPDATE PART DEUX: Well, lookee here what I found when I opened the laptop. A “terrifying” moment in time, frozen for all eternity.

You be the judge…

I HATE these POS.


And I hope you all don’t mind my dropping the tweets in here. It’s a prelude to being about to post on a regular basis like I used to years ago, as I am now a member of the great unwashed and unemployed, which is VERY MUCH to my liking.

Here’s fair warning…gird yer loins.

4 Responses to “I Hate Pajama Boys”

  1. (leelu) says:

    Welcome back, sis.

    And congratulations!!

  2. JeffS says:

    I appreciate your tweets, Sis — they’re golden nuggets in a vast gravel bed! Ditto for your posts here.

    And congratulations on entering the ranks of the unwashed and unemployed — you will enjoy it!

    As for the topic of the tweet, as per a meme from Facebook:

    “Y’all was prepared to die storming Area 51 a couple months ago, now y’all scared of WW3. ???”

  3. tree hugging sister says:

    Thanks GUYS!!

    Oh, EXCELLENT, Jeff, lol!!! That’s a keeper.

  4. JeffS says:

    Thanks, Sis!

    That “???” is supposed to be rolling eye emojis, but didnt translate well.

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