I. Have. Had. EE ~ NOUGH, GDI !!

Get Rachel “Jerky Perky” Ray’s frickin’ gargoyle mug OFF a my Premium Saltine Box!!!

Is nothing sacred to you people in the pursuit of the almighty dollar? Her grinning, Joker-like visage on Triscuits is bad, but you have crossed a line now, my friends.
I’m goin’ over to the dwarves tree elves.
And these guys.

2 Responses to “I. Have. Had. EE ~ NOUGH, GDI !!”

  1. THS – do you have an account on LJ? If so let me know and I can add you to my FL.

  2. Nope. You’re waaay ahead of me ~ I’m not that advanced yet, Sharon. I’ll ask Ebola.

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