I **Heart** Me Some Tapper

It’s a NATIONAL crying SHAME his best inquisitories never make it to air.

What Happened In Benghazi — Today’s Q’s for O’s WH — 10/10/12

TAPPER: President Obama shortly after the attacks told “60 Minutes” that regarding Romney’s response to the attack, specifically in Egypt, the president said that Romney has a tendency to shoot first and aim later. Given the fact that so much was made out of the video that apparently had absolutely nothing to do with the attack on Benghazi, that there wasn’t even a protest outside the Benghazi post, didn’t President Obama shoot first and aim later?

CARNEY: First of all, Jake, I think your assessment about what we know now is not complete. But I would simply say that –

TAPPER: What part are you talking — because I’m just going by what the State Department said yesterday, what –

CARNEY: There is no question that in the region, including in Cairo, there were demonstrations reacting to the –

TAPPER: I’m talking about Benghazi –

CARNEY: — the release of that video. And I will leave it to those who are testifying on the Hill to talk about, as they are –

TAPPER: The State Department said yesterday there was no protests.

CARNEY: That — that’s not what you said, though. You — there were — there were –

TAPPER: I’m talking about in Benghazi.

CARNEY: Right.

TAPPER: I’m not –

CARNEY: I’m not disputing that there was a protest. But what we said at the time is our intelligence community assessed that the attack began spontaneously following protests earlier that day at our embassy in Cairo. OK? …

Jake has Carney’s weasel panties wadded up and on backwards SO FAST, the douche has no idea the elastic SpiderMan waistband’s choking him.

ths update: Squirmy video is SO much more satisfying!

5 Responses to “I **Heart** Me Some Tapper”

  1. Julie says:

    Tapper is like a pit bull – a really polite pit bull. And pinning Weasely Guy down is like nailing jello to a tree.

  2. JeffS says:

    That’s almost as much fun as watching the meltdown of Tingles and Sully!

  3. skh.pcola says:

    Good Lord. These progtards seem like wizards when they have free rein to lie in front of a receptive and credulous audience, but they all crumble and stumble when they are confronted by even marginally hostile inquisitors. All of Ozero’s proxies exhibit the same behavior patterns when they are called out on their BS.

  4. Kathy Kinsley says:

    I was going to indulge in some more sarcasm. But I think Julie derailed that… “And pinning Weasely Guy down is like nailing jello to a tree.”

    (Though it is actually possible to nail jello to a tree –at least for a few minutes–if you use very old crusty jello and a nice thin nail. Don’t ask…I have an experimental nature and a fascination for “expressions”…)

  5. Jim - PRS says:

    I figure Weasely Guy must have figured out how to shave without looking into a mirror.

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