“I Hope Congress Comes Down On the EPA Like a F*#KING TON of BRICKS“, Says…

….my poor 1992 BMW 525i.

EPA Permits 15% Ethanol for Cars Made After 2001

The Environmental Protection Agency granted a request from ethanol producers to raise the amount of the corn-based additive in gasoline for vehicles made for the 2001 model year and later.

…“EPA continues to move in the right direction with respect to increasing ethanol blends, but challenges still remain,” Bob Dinneen, president of the Renewable Fuels Association, said in an e-mailed statement.

“The RFA continues to urge EPA to extend the waiver for E-15 use to all cars and pickups.

She also has a related and unrepeatable message for the ethanol lobby/”Renewable Fuels Association”.

Does that make her a h8r?


Obama’s Climate-Change Czar Leaving White House.

Sadie Bimmer’s pointed little bumper sticker claims a scalp not four hours later?!?!

Holy CRAP! Don’t piss my car off…

For those of you looking for REAL gas, I found one of two pumps ~ PUMPS, mind you, not “STATIONS” ~ in all of Pensacola yesterday, and have slaked her thoroughbred thirst, via this website:

Fortunately, the one closest to us was also the one that was the 93 octane. Baby bro crusader, alas, went to IL stations listed at the site and still had to call “no joy”.

He is whining piteously in the Land of Hand Over More Lincolns.

14 Responses to ““I Hope Congress Comes Down On the EPA Like a F*#KING TON of BRICKS“, Says…”

  1. ricki says:

    So, we’re gonna see a new “Cash for Clunkers” to get the non-E-15 compliant vehicles off the road.

    And I bet GM gets subsidies to make more of the E-15 compliant vehicles.

    And in the meantime, our food bills go up and it doesn’t help the environment one bit.

    Head, meet desk.

  2. Gary from Jersey says:

    Be a little more positive here. E-85 destroys fuel systems and engines. That means more jobs for Chinese parts makers and our mechanics, some of whom might have children.

  3. JeffS says:

    That’s right, Gary. So it won’t be “Cash for Clunkers”, it’ll “Tow the junkers”.


  4. tree hugging sister says:

    My poor car has lost 3 mpg and sprung myriad fuel leaks since the pumps around here went to 10% ethanol. It’s like forcing her to drink a partial hemlock concoction, for a slow death.

  5. Yojimbo says:

    Why stop at a ton of bricks. That’s far far too minimalist.

  6. tree hugging sister says:

    She’s elderly, so tried to temper her sentiments somewhat. If a towtruck comes from the government in the middle of the night, she doesn’t know if she can fend it off long enough for us to wake up and save her.

  7. spot says:

    I don’t think we have any of that ethanol-blend petrol in Western Australia. They do over East, but something tells me it’s not even available here.

    Petrol, LPG and diesel is about it, unless you want to muck around with biodiesel.

    There’s something to be said for being 20 years behind the rest of the world. Oh, look! Hypercolour!

  8. major dad says:

    THS is rightly pissed, the everyday work Toyota Camry used to be a steady 26-27 mpg around town, now it’s down in the 23 range. Ethanol is a racket and our leaders are too stupid or so in the tank, no pun intended, to do anything about it.

  9. mojo says:

    Octane way too high? Slow burning fuel with too little energy output?


  10. nightfly says:

    It’s almost enough to make a guy intentionally buy a diesel next time around. Of course, the stuff’s 25¢ more per gallon in most spots around here.

  11. Crusader says:

    Yeah, well her older sister (our ’89 525i) hasn’t fared much better her in Corn Country. we are down to about 13-15 MPG. Sigh…..

  12. major dad says:

    And a side note, the lawnmower runs like crap now to thanks to this ethanol mixture.

  13. JeffS says:

    Tell me about it, major dad. I have to get it re-tuned annually.


  14. Yojimbo says:

    Wow, just wow. Is there anything Tree Hugging Sister can’t do? First, she helps get a great candidate elected to the Senate. Then she finds a way to get the internet to put gas in her car! Try as I might, I cannot get the internet to do my car smog check or put air in my tires.

    I’m still on dialup. Is this ability restricted to people who have that quickie type service?

    /Astounded, and naive, in Tucson.

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