I Inhabit a Cultural Vacuum

I thought this story was about a Weber and was prepared to defend ours to the death. Thank God they’re safe. Anyway, the first clue it WASN’T (about a Weber) was…well, you read it.

Armed ‘Grill’ Robbery
Missing: A mouthpiece attachment with a 14 karat gold tooth and a diamond in it.
Wanted: Four men who allegedly stole it.
Largo Police say that was the situation at Brittany Bay Apartments Monday.
A gas station clerk called 911 to report a man had run into the convenience store claiming he was being chased. When officers arrived at the Shell on Ulmerton Road, the victim had this story to tell:
After being threatened with his own knife and a gun, the suspects took his mouthpiece, also known as a ‘grill.’ They also took $130, a pack of Newport cigarettes, and a pocket knife; They left his other jewelry and a cellular phone.
He didn’t call police. The worried clerk did that.
The victim told officers he isn’t worried about the cigarettes, the cash, or the knife; all he wants returned is his ‘grill.’

“After being threatened with his own knife and gun“. Yup. First clue something was amiss and it wasn’t the charcoal.
On a lighter note, have you noticed Bingley’s not posting much… ? Then I saw this…

Groper Arrested
The Tampa Police Department says the ‘Hyde Park Groper’ is in custody.

…and thought they were talking about the fish. What a whacky, Florida kinda day.

3 Responses to “I Inhabit a Cultural Vacuum”

  1. Ken Summers says:

    Is that where Bingley’s been? I had assumed he was in New Orleans.

  2. Rob says:

    I feel the same way, ths. You can have my Weber when you pry my cold, dead tongs………………

  3. And IF I’m cold and dead, I’ve surely booby-trapped them, so best keep yer paws off anyway.

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