I Love Michael Kinsley

There. I said it. I didn’t say I always agree with him, but I have always admired his ‘unshriekiness’, especially when he was still on Crossfire. He’d turn purple at Novak or Buchanan, but never came across a table, shout someone down or resort to inanities completely divorced from the subject at hand, burbled at 130 decibels just to drown out the other view. He’s simply not a rude guy and I appreciate that in this age of classless, loudmouth louts (read Begala, O’Reily, Dean, Hannity, Lawrence O’Donnell, Katrina Vander whatever, Susan Estrich*, et al ~ ‘get that sh&t off my TV’ being the operative phrase). He also provides the random surprise, which makes him no friends in the Blue State city fortresses. Such was this column about the Downing Street Memo red herring being waved on every Sunday talk show, which looks more like an Icelandic fish slapping dance than ‘smoking gun’. You won’t see his column quoted from the left anytime soon.

But even on its face, the memo is not proof that Bush had decided on war. It says that war is “now seen as inevitable” by “Washington.” That is, people other than Bush had concluded, based on observation, that he was determined to go to war. There is no claim of even fourth-hand knowledge that he had actually declared this intention.

How refreshing ~ a little integrity and a little honesty
*Note her unspeakably ill mannered feud with Kinsley. What a ‘C’ word and I never say that.

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