I See Happy Voters

…streaming to the polls.

Pentagon Says 200,000 Workers Could Receive Pink Slips for Christmas
Federal employees who work for the Army may get layoff notices before Christmas if Congress and the White House do not reach an accord on funding for the Iraq war, the Pentagon said yesterday.
The warning, posted near the top of the Defense Department’s Web site, was the latest in a series from Pentagon officials in recent weeks.
About 100,000 federal employees and an additional 100,000 contract workers are at risk of being sent home without pay in February and March if the Army and Marine Corps run short of money and have to reduce operations at their bases, according to the Pentagon.
Under federal rules, the department must give 60 days’ advance notice of layoffs to employees — which, in this case, would make for a less-than-glad tiding for the holidays.

Guess the Democrats don’t remember how that worked for Republicans in ’95-’96. (Collective amnesia can be a wonderful thing.) Perhaps it’s not coincidence that the M-W Word of the Day was:

Locofoco \loh-kuh-FOH-koh\ noun
1 : a member of a radical group of New York Democrats organized in 1835 in opposition to the regular party organization
*2 : a member of the Democratic party of the United States

They’re claiming the ‘loco’ has its origins in “locomotive” (which was commonly taken to mean “self-propelled,” though “loco” actually means “place,” not “self,” in Latin).
I know better.

3 Responses to “I See Happy Voters”

  1. And all this time I thought “locofoco” translated to “crazy f*cker”.

  2. The_Real_JeffS says:

    Oh, yeah, I’ve heard rumblings about this. Way to go, Dhimmicrats!

  3. Gunslinger says:

    “Guess the Democrats don’t remember how that worked for Republicans in ’95-’96.”
    I imagine the donks are counting on the MSM to run interference for them as usual.

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