I See That ~ Despite My BEST Intentions and High Standards

~ I am going to be forced to post on this, thanks to Bingley yesterday and now, FIRST thing this morning, the lovely Susanna.

Australian farmers called to report ugly sheep

Yes, yes, they’re on the prowl for ugly sheep in order to make pretty sheep prettier. And that’s completely f*cked up and superficial. So I am issuing a fatwa against those who would take advantage of vunerable sheep ~ those not possessing the requisite physical attributes necessary to be deemed ‘attractive in a sheepy sort of way’. Those who might be more susceptible to blandishment because of their insecurity and damaged self-image. Not every sheep can be born beautiful, but every sheep should be treated as if they were.

It’s the only thing that separates us from the French and Belgians.

One Response to “I See That ~ Despite My BEST Intentions and High Standards”

  1. All are equally beautiful in the eyes of the chef…

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