I Think I Can Do One Better

than Michelle Malkin in her post today…

“When do terrorists warn civilians?”

…about the leaflets the IDF is dropping to warn Lebanese civilians in Hizbollah target zones. We were watching a FoxNews live report from the scene of the destroyed building in Qana. Their reporter was horrified by the children’s bodies being pulled from the rubble and speaking to everyone on site. That included the fellow who (we believe) owned it. He was brokenhearted by the destruction of family, friends and his home, but he was really pissed that the zero dark thirty…


…didn’t give him enough time to get his stuff out. major dad and I looked at each other in utter and complete astonishment.

“The Israelis CALLED this guy to WARN HIM?!!”

(We can only figure he wanted his ‘stuff’ more than getting the people out safely first.)
I’ve been scouring Fox and the web all morning for the clip (It was on just as the Israelis were announcing a news conference about the Hizbollah rock barrage taped coming from that site.) and haven’t found it yet, BUT I HAVE found numerous instances recounted online where a phone call’s been answered to hear ‘a voice in broken Arabic’ telling them to “get out NOW“.
I don’t think Hitler was jingling anyone in the U.K. in 1944 either. It’s a helluva a way to run a war and still take it in the chops as ‘disproportionately forceful murderers’. Hat’s off to the IDF.
Now finish the bastards.

3 Responses to “I Think I Can Do One Better”

  1. Kathy K says:

    “Now finish the bastards.”
    I’ll second that.

  2. Trevor says:

    They will never be finished. For every one you kill, there is 10 more waiting to replace him. It took three years to kill Zarqawi, it took Al Qaeda 3 days to replace him. This is the way its been for thousands of years. Thousands of years before Christ was even born. Christianity…the new liberal religion. They never seem to win but they never seem to lose. Not one single person in America has the resolve to take up the fight. Not one! We worry about strategy while they walk into a mall and detonate themselves. We worry about economics while they fly planes into buildings. We threaten them with sanctions while they threaten us with unification. We have nuclear weapons and they have all the oil and they know we will be there servant little whores when it comes to the oil. Always have been and always will. Who finances these groups…the people? They can’t even afford to pay attention. Who finances terrorism? We do! We give weapons to Hezbollah. We paid for the flight lessons for the 19 hijackers on 9/11. We are the terrorists’ great finaciers and prey. You want to win the war on terror, stop sucking on their “devil’s blood” oil tit. Its difficult for them to attack anybody when they can’t afford it. Common f**king sense but greed and gluttony get in the way of that and we will always have that enemy that makes us their little bitch if we ever forget that.

  3. A warm Swill welcome Trevor. And you’re, sadly, very right about this.

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