I Think the Last Sentence

…has a typo.

Five robbers picked the wrong victim in Midtown Atlanta last night and one of them paid with her life.
The victim, Thomas Autry, fought back; killing one robber and wounding another. Three other suspects are in jail.
…Thomas Autry, who is a former U.S. Marine, will not be charged since police say he was acting in self defense. Officials say Autry is extremely remorseful.

I’m sure they said Autry was “extremely resourceful“.
Thanks to Florida Cracker* for posting the Miracle Whipping. OO-rah!!
Thanks to a heads up from Mike! The AJC has video of the local news report.
*Cracker, your trackback pingees aren’t working for moi.

2 Responses to “I Think the Last Sentence”

  1. Mike Rentner says:

    A captain here told me he heard this on the radio. Apparently the Atlanta Journal Constitution’s original headline was “Former Marine Kills Pregnant Woman.” They since changed it, but I went to the website and the video is still titled something very similar to that.

  2. Bastards. I notice they’ve changed it to “Former Marine Kills Would Be Robber“. I’m surprised they didn’t drop an “alleged” in front of that ‘would be’. The video is titled “Former Marine kills pregnant robber”, but it’s a great story and you don’t have to sign up for it.

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