I Thought This Was A Basketball Score

What a shootout

…No. 15 Baylor still pulled out an incredible Alamo Bowl victory in the highest-scoring regulation bowl game in history, beating Washington 67-56 in the wildest shootout of this bowl season or any other in memory.

This is exactly why I thought RG3 earned the Heisman this year: Baylor’s defense basically doesn’t exist. When your team gives up on average nearly 36 points per game yet you still end up 9-3 (now 10-3) and beat several ranked teams…well then whoever is scoring those points for you is probably having one hell of a better year than somebody on a team whose defense only gives up 12 or so points a game.

Oh, and Baylor’s basketball team, ranked #6 in the nation, only scored 54 points Wednesday night.

2 Responses to “I Thought This Was A Basketball Score”

  1. Yojimbo says:

    They turned the Alamo Bowl into the Arena Bowl.

    The women’s basketball team is #1 so da Bears are having a pretty good year.

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