I Was So Shamed Today

It’s true. Dear Suzette crushed my very soul with her post showing how Leeann totally brought the awesome. My god. Her giant green cock. And her amazing rack.

I just didn’t know what to do.

But I had to do something; I had to respond.

I had to experiment on my family.

I knew the time had come to break out the discada I had bought on a rash whim a few weeks ago. In to the garage I dashed, searching for the coffee bag…and there she was

I carefully took her out and placed her for the first time atop the grill

perfect. I moved her off to a side table

and started the charcoal in the chimney

and whilst that was heating up I proceeded to prepare the vittles for the cooking.

Let’s see: starting clockwise from lower left we have 1/2 pound of chopped bacon, one pound of cubed chicken, a bowl with four chopped cloves of garlic and probably three tablespoons of fresh chopped chives, about oh three cups of rice, and a pound of fresh sea scallops.

By now the charcoal is sufficiently heatalated

that we can put the discada on it to warm up, which it does rather quickly. Did I mention it’s bare cast iron? So when it gets hot it gets hot?

Anyhoo, it’s hot, so say hello to Mr. Bacon

ah, sizzle away, my beauty! And helpfully provide all the tasty juicy oil to cook the rest of the vittles!

In a few short minutes the bacon has cooked nicely so you shove it up the side of the disc and add the chicken

Once again, sizzle sizzle sizzle and keep stirring it about

when the buzzard is basically done shove it up the sides as well and add the scallops

and let them a simmer in the oh so delicious bacon chicken juice for a minute whilst you check on the wine situation

and on someone who will be totally SOL on this meal

(well, not completely: he did get a generous portion of the raw chicken when I was cutting it)

Anyhow, by this point the scallops have come along nicely

so it’s time to move them up the side and add the garlic and chives

I sense a great disturbance in The Wine

where was I? Oh yes, after a few seconds add the rice and several healthy shakes of soy sauce

and stir constantly to fry the rice and mix up the garlic and chives and soy sauce into it

Once you feel the rice is sufficiently heated mix everything together

keep mixing and cooking for another thirty seconds or so and remove from the heat

transfer to a serving dish

and enjoy

I have to say it was really really good.

Next time I will use some more chives and garlic and also add probably a half cup or so of chicken stock just to moisten things up a tad.

But yum-yum.

22 Responses to “I Was So Shamed Today”

  1. Cripes Suzette says:

    Bingley, you never cease to amaze me.Big bonus points for creativity! You made something fabulous out of a list of ingredients that the average home cook wouldn’t immediatley put together. What is going on amongst my blog circle? Is it the mollusks that have everyone all worked up?

    Coupla questions:
    – Did you make that recipe up by yourself?
    – Does the rest of your family – Claude excluded – stand around and roll their eyes when you get going like this?
    – What is that fascinating surface with the birds on it? A large tray? A table?
    – A DISCADA! I am enthralled.

  2. Mr. Bingley says:

    1) yeah, I pretty much made it up. Usually I feel the need to add tomatoes to anything I make, but I was warned that the acid from them would not play nice with the discada until after I had used it a few times so I went more asiany instead. Next time I may go the saffron-paella route….
    2) Usually, but this time they sort of got involved as it was a very loverly evening outside and this smelled really good while cooking. Daughter took most of the photos and my dear Bride kept my glass filled. A finely tuned machine they are.
    3) it’s a card table we got as a wedding present all those many moons ago. I think you’ve eaten a meal off of it, but it was covered by a table cloth at the time.
    4) It is pretty neat. And very very heavy.

  3. Ave says:

    Wow that looks absolutely delicious! And I also must compliment Claude the Lover Lab on his new, handsomely svelte figure. It’s hard to be on a diet – good job Claudie!

  4. Thomas Pfau says:

    Cool! Where’d you get that? It fits the grill perfectly! I’d love to get one for my grill.

    Anything’s better with bacon.

  5. Mr. Bingley says:

    Hey Thomas. I ordered it here. It fits the 22.5″ weber just right, as you say.

  6. Mr. Bingley says:

    He is rather wasp-waisted, isn’t he, Ave?

  7. LeeAnn says:

    Num. Just plain num from start to finish. You had me at scallops, btw, I am a seafood whore. I would go out with Billy Bob Thornton for good seafood. Your crown is safe, my liege o’foodness.

  8. Kate P says:

    Looks yummy! And what a cute puppy-face on your labradork.

  9. Julie says:

    Photos of Claude always add a bit of class to any post, but he does look especially handsome these days. 🙂

  10. BlackDog says:

    WHAT? You gave him chicken when there was BACON!!!!! Oh, the humanity!!!!!!!

  11. JeffS says:

    Looks like Claude has been working for his meals of late!

    And I agree — yum yum!

  12. Teresa says:

    Well damn – I just got back from a late dinner and now I may be hungry again!!! Most excellent. Between you and LeeAnn I do believe I just gained 10 pounds from reading blog posts.

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  15. Cullen says:

    Nice to see the discada in action, Bing. Now I almost want one.

  16. Mr. Bingley says:

    Cullen, it was fun, very easy to do, and could easily make a ton of food. I think I’ll do southwesterny thing next and warm up the tortillas around the edges.

    But it is a heavy piece of steel 🙂

  17. Cripes Suzette says:

    This is a WordPress blog, isn’t it? Where is your “like” button? A “like” button appeared on my individual blog posts but so far, no one has liked anything I wrote. And I don’t even care.

  18. Mr. Bingley says:

    Like, OMG, is that “like” button like a plugin or something like that?

  19. Cullen says:

    I would have to figure out a way to use it on the WSM ’cause it wouldn’t work on my grill. Or, I guess it could be a reason to go hunt down an OTG 🙂

  20. Laura says:

    OH MY GOD! Where was my invite? That looks devine.

  21. Laura says:

    Oh, and your dog should have gotten a scallop. Just sayin’.

    Sesame oil works good for flavor and moisture, btw.

  22. Mr. Bingley says:

    Laura, a bag of circus peanuts would have been the perfect ending to the meal…

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