I Went Hunting, But I Didn’t Inhale

Ah, the arresting cast of bombastic weasels that comprise the upper echelons of Escambia County government are at it again, praise Jesus. Only this time, they’ve decided to go as a touring ensemble and share the love on the road.

Escambia County Sheriff Ron McNesby, Escambia County Commissioner Mike Whitehead, the Rev. Gordon Godfrey of Marcus Pointe Baptist Church and 15 other local residents are among 46 people charged with violating numerous hunting laws in Wisconsin.
…”I’d never been there before,” McNesby said. “I was there for about an hour one day and an hour the next, but I didn’t shoot anything.”

White Hunters, Black Hearts
Escambia County Sheriff Ron McNesby describes how County Administrator George Touart (left) saw, in the glare of the jack-light, a chronically wasted deer leaning down to drink at a forest pond and shouted “Blast HIM!!” Sheriff Ron said he respectfully declined, choosing to leave all of the Lord’s creatures in peace. Especially since he was never there, anyway. ©TPI

4 Responses to “I Went Hunting, But I Didn’t Inhale…”

  1. Dave E says:

    No license and out of season, that’s pretty swift. Just the kind of diligent people I like to see in the woods with a rifle.

  2. He (Sheriff Ron) was just on TV saying he’s the victim. He always obeys the law, that’s why he went with a licensed guide. One question for the good sheriff…why didn’t you have an out-of-state license? I mean, he’d clap ol’ DaveE in the hoosegow down HERE if Dave didn’t have one, so why would Sheriff Ron think he didn’t need one in Wisconsin? I’ll tell you why ~ probably around 500 bucks and I ain’t talking Bambi’s father. What’s an out-of-state lic./deertag cost in your neck o’ the wild woods, Dave?
    Like, say, you wanted to go shoot a buffalo in Wyoming ~ gonna cost you.

  3. Dave E says:

    In Minnesota a non-resident deer firearm license is $136. In Wisconsin it’s $160. I’ve hunted ducks and pheasants out of state with licensed guides a couple times. Both times I expected to and did cough up the money to be properly licensed.
    I smell bulls**t.

  4. That’s perfume in the air around here, Dave.

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