“I Will NEVER Stand for ANY President…”

Trey Gowdy, ladies and germs.


4 Responses to ““I Will NEVER Stand for ANY President…””

  1. BlackDog says:


  2. JeffS says:

    I like this man.

  3. currently says:

    He was absolutely right that Congress is loathed.

    The rest was o:k, but not convincing.

    He wants Obama to uphold Obamacare (passed illegally}?

    I’m tired of these speeches with no action resulting.

    Good soundbites and perhaps heartfelt – but he has not Republican leadership to back him up.

  4. Mr. Bingley says:

    currently, he’s exactly right, Obama should, indeed must if the Constitution has any meaning at all, uphold the legally-passed Obamacare.

    The legislation is a complete and total disaster, of course, but it is the law…that not a single Republican voted for, so the Ds completely own it. Which is why they are flouting the law.

    The Republican Leadership not backing him up rather endorses what he is trying to do, in my book.

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