I Wonder If Those of Us Stateside Will Get to See This

…”I am a science journalist and in my career I have been told by eminent scientists that black holes do not exist and it is impossible that continents move, but in science the experts are usually wrong.
For me this is a cracking science story – I don’t come from any political position and I’m certainly not funded by the multinationals, although my bank manager would like me to be…”
…”It’s ridiculous to see politicians arguing over whether they will allow the global temperature to rise by 2C or 3C.”
Mr Stott said the film could mark the point where scientists advocating the greenhouse effect theory, began to lose the argument.

I sure hope so.
And how odd that today’s M-W Word of the Day is:

nostrum \NAHSS-trum\ noun
1 : a medicine of secret composition recommended by its preparer but usually without scientific proof of its effectiveness
2 : a usually questionable remedy or scheme : panacea

Cosmic, eh?

3 Responses to “I Wonder If Those of Us Stateside Will Get to See This”

  1. That weather channel lady will have them fired.

  2. The_Real_JeffS says:

    That would be a pleasant change, wouldn’t it? All that hot house hysteria and caterwauling…..gone. Algore…..quiet. Greenpeace…..being useful once again.
    Pure bliss!!

  3. colin says:

    Are we absolutely sure the world is not flat, the dinosaurs forgot their coats, gravity is not magnetic attraction from the center of the earth. I heard the Primordial ooze wants some of us back..

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