If I Follow This Advice

…why bother eating there at all?

Chinese restaurant food unhealthy, study says
Menus loaded with sodium, saturated fat and calories — even the veggies
…The group says there is no safe harbor from sodium on the Chinese restaurant menu, but it offers several tips for making a meal healthier:
* Look for dishes that feature vegetables instead of meat or noodles. Ask for extra broccoli, snow peas or other veggies.
* Steer clear of deep-fried meat, seafood or tofu. Order it stir-fried or braised.
* Hold the sauce, and eat with a fork or chopsticks to leave more sauce behind.
* Avoid salt, which means steering clear of the duck sauce, hot mustard, hoisin sauce and soy sauce.
* Share your meal or take half home for later.
* Ask for brown rice instead of white rice.

6 Responses to “If I Follow This Advice”

  1. Mr. Bingley says:

    “Across the board, American restaurants need to cut back on calories and salt, and in the meantime, people should think of each meal as not one, but two, and bring home half for tomorrow,” Liebman said.
    Bullshit. How about treating adults as adults and letting us choose what we eat?

  2. Firehand says:

    Treat you like an adult? What do you think you are, a free citizen or something??
    You need to be guided and controlled in your ‘choices’. All for your own good, of course.

  3. I’m sure if I subsisted on Chinese take-out, I might ~ as the Grail Knight says in Indiana Jones ~ choose ‘wisely‘, but since it’s averaging a once a year treat, Mr. Liebman can ‘bite-me’. I will stick to sweet ‘n sour pork that gets eaten over a three day period with my customary mucho gusto.

  4. The_Real_JeffS says:

    Jeez, another nanny group! Screw ’em. I’ll eat Chinese when I dang well feel like, as long as I am physically able to do so. I can “choose wisely” on my own, thankyouverymuch, Liebman.

  5. Gunslinger says:

    “said Bonnie Liebman, nutrition director of the Center for Science in the Public Interest,”
    That’s all I needed to see. Disregard these jackasses since they are nothing but a group of scare-mongers for profit.
    This group was, under the control of Michael Jacobson, the ones who called Fettucini Alfredo “heart attack on a plate”.

  6. Dave J says:

    After my parents divorced, my dad lived in Boston’s Chinatown for several years. The “Center for Science in the Public Interest” can go ahead and try to pry this stuff from my cold, dead hands.

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