If It’s Easier to Put Ethanol in Your Tank

…the chicken is your pot is gonna cost more.

Tyson, the world’s largest protein producer, on Monday warned that boosting US ethanol production would spill over into higher global food prices.
The US group said consumers would bear the brunt of domestic price increases being pushed through to compensate for the near-doubling of corn costs last year, spurred in part by the competing claim on the crop to make ethanol.
Food producers have expressed concern about the effect of ethanol-driven corn prices for months but calls for a food-versus-fuel debate have grown louder in the wake of last week’s White House plan for a five-fold rise in renewable fuel production over the next decade.

I’d noticed that last week at our little natural food co-op. El pollo loco had gone up almost a dollar a pound, seemingly overnight.
When it was already at $3.49 lb, that’s a bad thing. $4.49 lb puts it in the ‘get something else’ thing.

One Response to “If It’s Easier to Put Ethanol in Your Tank”

  1. Yeah. Mexico put price controls on tortillas too. Archer Daniels Midland is getting rich on the backs of poor Mexicans.

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