I’m a Smidge Peeved

I REALLY hate that RINO label. Sure it’s appropriate for asshats like Maverick, but he should have been put out to pasture SO long ago, it hardly seems worth squawking about him. No, what I HATE is this hard-core, conservative asshat side of the Republican Party that just seems entitled to shriek that at anyone who offers an opinion which ~ God forbid ~ differs ONE IOTA in substance from their biblical interpretation of whatever the effin’ crisis at hand is.

I have BUSTED MY ASS ~ and surprisingly enough kept my jibs hauled close ~ in the service of Republican causes and campaigns since Maverick himself ran, ALL in the cause of party unity and, ultimately, VICTORY. Certainly not because he was “my guy”. Or that I believed every single effin’ thing with all my heart and soul that they warbled from onstage at the convention.

I just believed that we would be in estimately better hands if the Republicans were in charge. I can stand with MOST of their core principles and that’s how party “affiliation” works. Being an adult, I also know that we are a big umbrella and not everyone is going to think like I do, but I believe that makes us richer.

I am up to my effin’ eyeballs with the conservative, evangelical, RINO-hatin’ hardasses, however. Don’t you DARE shoot your mouth off, Fred Know-It-All, when I’VE been doing the party heavy lifting at campaign time. I vented a little on Instapundit the other day, when someone said oh, they HAD voted for Romney, but it was no wonder people decided not to vote and someone called him on it:

That is SO damn true. I am up to my eyeballs with conservative “Republicans” who stayed home because “my guy didn’t win”, “he belongs to a cult”, or “these RINOs deserve what they get”. HEY (fill-in-the-blank)-holes! NO ONE deserves what your NOT voting got us! And I find a large majority of the folks who squawk the loudest about “their” guy losing never actually spilled a drop of sweat on the ground in an effort for their guy to win. Did you make phone calls? Did you walk a precinct? Did you man his office for shifts to hand out literature? Volunteer for ANYTHING? And, if he WAS bested in a fair primary, what did you do to ensure his challenger bested the Democrat? Besides piss and moan online, I mean?

We have to get out and WORK our beliefs, AND ~ when we FAIRLY lose to another GOP candidate (HEY! It’s a CONTEST!) ~ marshall our forces and WORK FOR THEM!

But DON’T OPEN YOUR MOUTH and say “don’t see a problem with gay civil unions“, “no, commanders shouldn’t be proselytizing in any military unit ANYWHERE, EVER“, or “That’s the closest to a conservative you’ll ever see from New England” and it’s RINORINORINO in your face. Like a Medieval shunning.

I always talk about ancient history ~ Pat Buchanan and that hateful hag sister of his ~ their taking over of the GOP plank and convention totally disgusted me. They were claiming to be the “life” party, but it was just hate, hate, hate, sneer, sneer, sneer and good Lord! (Played right into Bubba’s “Ah feel yo pain” hands. What a shellacking.) And it’s that same, lovely, tolerant group-think RINOing their name-calling way around now, but keeping it IN the party.

The Tea Partiers, had they stuck PURELY to fiscal issues, would have had much more success and much better candidates, vice the flame-outs. But a lot of far-right social conservatives saw the movement as a change to glom onto something which gave them an outside run at offices they would normally be frozen out of by party faithful. It also gave your freak-show candidates their fifteen minutes of legitimacy. I don’t see them as a candidate force this time around. The dilution/distraction factor is something we simply can’t afford. They can be a HUGE asset if they throw their substantial support behind a candidacy (witness Marco Rubio’s win), but they can SURE fuck up a winnable race if they go veering off the track with a witch of their own. Or a fat duck.

I really don’t know what we’re going to do. But Republicans HAVE to get their collective heads out of their asses and quit condemning each other the second someone says something the big bully on the block (or blog) doesn’t like. The absolute WORST offenders are online, as I said. They will RUN THEIR MOUTHS like the all time experts and NEVER pick up a phone, walk a precinct, lick an envelope, NOTHING for a candidate, but they can sure tell YOU what a RINO you are.

And then sit home on their fat, Cheeto stained hands, because their “guy” isn’t on the ballot. Some RINO is, so YOU ALL deserve what YOU get.

So I told some RINO spewing Twitter creature ~ who Tweeted “RINO’S are the statist’s fifth column” ~ to kiss my ass. I’ve done my time on campaigns auld sod and feel like I have the right to tell these guys to piss off. And now that I’m GOP executive level proper, I’m fer SURE going to let fly. It’s a BIG, damn, wonderful country, a BIG damn tent and I am so tired of listening to the little pissants in the corner snarling at everyone. EVERYONE that WE need helping us move the REAL problem children OUT of power.

I mean, the door should be open.

ths update: I’ve just finished a long, lovely chat with my Twitter antagonist and we’ve parted friends, I believe. I like that.

Peace, out…for now. 🙂

10 Responses to “I’m a Smidge Peeved”

  1. Skyler says:

    I guess we should know what started this?

  2. tree hugging sister says:

    No, not at all. This was just a long simmering, long time in coming generalized rant that finally broke free by virtue of that Tweet today.

  3. skh.pcola says:

    So anybody that chooses to append an “-R” after their name should be blindly supported, even after they repeatedly demonstrate that they share very few actual conservative values? Gotcha. That’s not going to work out so well on the right side of the ideological sphere. The strategy is wildly successful on the left, because they are ignorant sheep.

    I’m neither a social conservative nor a one-issue voter, but GOP stalwarts line McCain, Graham, and, now, Rubio are the problem, for the reason that I began. These RINOs fight for the trivial, while they collapse and compromise on the vital issues. Obamacare and immigration are the primary issues on which the GOP is particularly squishy.

    I voted for Rubio once, but I won’t again. I voted for McCain. I voted for Romney. I will likely vote for the next -R disaster. The status quo isn’t working. We (and I mean conservatives, not reactionary, knee-jerk GOP apologists) have gained nothing by supporting those Republicans that aren’t conservatives.

  4. tree hugging sister says:

    Hell, no, and I NEVER said that. Primary them! (You’ve heard me go after McCain enough to know your first sentence is completely unnecessary AND unfair.) BUT.

    My problem is with the Santorum/Bachman/etc crowd who piss and moan when their pinched face candidate gets their ass handed to them on a fair field of combat, and then they go home with their balls, bad mouthing everybody and everything from that point forward, INSTEAD OF THE OPPOSITION. That’s NOT how it’s supposed to work, remember? We were supposed to try to beat the piss out of the Democrats, NOT OURSELVES, DURING AN ELECTION.

    And RINO’s being thrown at ANYBODY, not just worthless old dinosaurs like McCain or Grahamnesty. It’s tossed at regular people everyday on blog comments and in GOP meetings at the local level, because SOMEBODY’S just not “conservative” enough for the clique in the corner thanks to suggesting, say, something as radical as a Hispanic outreach program.

    We have to stop eating our own.

  5. tree hugging sister says:

    And you won’t vote for Rubio again. Okay. Staying home? Letting a Democrat take the seat if he wins a primary challenge from another Republican is an option? It WILL be for some Republicans and that’s WRONG, I don’t care WHAT the excuse is. He’s not a threat to the Republic, for God’s sake, but another Democratic senator COULD be.

  6. NJSue says:

    I find voters who insist that their candidates agree with them on each and every issue to be a bit adolescent. I’ve never agreed with any politician I’ve ever voted for 100%. We’re living in the real world. It’s a choice between greater and lesser goods/evils, not Utopian perfection vs. the Devil. The Manichaean world view is ill suited to democratic (small-d) politics.

  7. aelfheld says:

    My political stance is unmodified conservative – fiscal policy is determined by social mores – yet voted for Romney in 2012; McCain in 2008, despising him all the while for his efforts to gut the 1st Amendment & his stance on illegal immigration; Bush in 2000 & 2004; Dole, who wouldn’t have pimped out his grandmother but as a compromise would have let someone else do it, in 1996; Bush in 1988 & 1992; and Reagan, the first president I could vote for, in 1980 & 1984. Of the lot, the only one I have enjoyed, and been proud of, voting for was Reagan. Conservatism, in my view, means accepting the reality of the situation which often means voting for candidates that are not all that I would want.

    I will say though that, in the the event amnesty for illegal immigrants get through Congress, I will never support another Republican candidate for national office again; if that puts me in the ranks of the holier-than-thou self-appointed arbiters of all things Republican and/or conservative so be it. I will not support those who collude in destroying the Republic.

  8. aelfheld says:

    Bugger, I didn’t close that tag properly.

  9. Dave E. says:

    Right on, Sis(and NJSue).

  10. Ebola says:

    I hate to say it, but skh has a legitimate point with the appending error. Example: if Rand Paul were to win the primaries? I’m not voting for him. I would legitimately vote Democrat before voting for someone in that much of a rush to kneecap our defense.

    Better the slow burn your can heal from than the decapitation. There most certainly are “one area” rejects.

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