I’m Not at All Surprised

…and that’s an Army shrink talking:

… “They lost all sense of reality and they just marched down the road — one even got to another FOB,” he says. “It was kind of a-holy-shit-did-he really-do-that kind of moment. It was literally a death wish out there” (though neither died).

Although I have a horrible, sick, sinking feeling his Commander-in-Chief will throw this soldier to the Afghans in a heartbeat if he thinks it’ll help his re-election.

Even William Calley was tried at Fort Benning. Whatever his sins, whatever his demons, this soldier rates no less.

One Response to “I’m Not at All Surprised”

  1. Skyler says:

    When I was in Afghanistan, we were responsible for base security in three major bases in Helmand Province. A couple times some nut cases decided they wanted to leave base. One was a young Marine who decided to leave a day after arriving in country. The difference is that our base security actually worked and these men were sent to padded rooms.

    In other parts of the country security was pretty lax. One of our companies was chopped up into a few dozen small teams to train Afghans all over the country. We had a lieutenant in Kabul, on a major base, change into his civvies and bringing an interpreter along he left base to go to a wedding 50 miles away. He had to threaten the guard to leave, but it worked. I’m not sure what’s become of him now, but it shocks me that these other bases have such poor security.

    This lieutenant is a cop down in the valley in Texas and loves his job because he gets to “beat people up.” As far as I know, he has returned to his job. I think his career in the Marines is about to end, but it’s not soon enough.

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