I’m Sure This is Comforting to All Concerned, BUT

…if I remember correctly, they can’t handle the ones that are already there.

Plan to tighten UK border controls
Moves to strengthen Britain’s borders may see more passengers checked by immigration staff before they even get on a plane, under new legislation.
A leading immigration expert said that he expects the Government’s UK Borders Bill to include plans to introduce more passport checks by British staff based overseas.
Similar schemes already operate on the Eurostar train service from France.
Checking that a traveller is allowed to visit the UK before they set off eliminates potential illegal immigrants from being able to claim asylum when they arrive in the country.

3 Responses to “I’m Sure This is Comforting to All Concerned, BUT

  1. joated says:

    They’ve got a HUGE farookin’ moat! How difficult is it to control the borders of a GD ISLAND!

  2. BWAAHAHAHAHA!! You’re RIGHT! I never thought about it that way!
    A WARM Swill welcome, joated!
    (I’m dyin’ here…)

  3. No, Joated, the moat’s been filled up with the bullshit drained away from the Tony Blair dog-and-pony show! That bunch couldn’t stop three toddlers marching in step from crossing into Britain!

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