“I’m willing to lose my job…”

…”if that’s necessary to set our fiscal house in order.” So says our illustrious Governor Corzine, in yet another effort to paint himself as some type of fiscally responsible defender of the common man.

In a speech Thursday to hundreds of officials gathered for the annual New Jersey State League of Municipalities conference, Corzine said addressing the state’s financial problems would be among the most important things he does as governor.
“It’s time for we elected officials to stop being afraid and cautious and do something bold to right the ship,” Corzine said. He later added: “I’m willing to lose my job if that’s necessary to set our fiscal house in order.”
Along with paying down debt, Corzine said his plan will provide permanent funding for transportation needs and will include new restrictions on state borrowing. He said the full details will come out in his Jan. 8 State of the State speech.

As is usual when Daddy Warbucks speaks, however, not once does he mention spending less. Nowhere does he mention freezing, let alone cutting, the number of state employees; well, no surprise on that, I suppose, given his dating history.
If I may mangle his quote a little, it’s necessary for him to lose his job if we are to have any hope of setting our fiscal house in order. I’m more and more convinced that we really need a shakeup in NJ politics; the last thing we need is another millionaire carpetbagger riding in to ‘solve’ our problems as some pre-retirement vanity project (yeah, I’m looking at you, Mr. Bon Jovi. Yes, you were born in NJ. Yes, you own a lovely house just a couple miles from mine in Middletown. Yes, you’ve done wonderful and fantastic charity work in NJ. But you’ve decided to move with your family to Soho. I’ve got nothing against that, if that’s where you want to live and raise your kids, great. But you live in New York now, not New Jersey, and if you disrupt the kids’ life again by making them move back here so you can do your vanity project you’re a schmuck. Besides, there may be a job opening in Albany pretty soon…).
The state of politics here is simply horrific. How many officials are under investigation? Our Senators are a joke: the only time you hear from “Silent Bob” Menendez is when his staff responds to new rumors of impending indictments, and as for Lautenberg…is he still even alive? I’m serious; when is the last time you actually even heard him mentioned?
Update: Lawhawk was looking at this last night.

3 Responses to ““I’m willing to lose my job…””

  1. This is why I left NJ 11 years ago. Is Florida perfect? No. But it’s not as bad as NJ. Two years ago I smuggled my sister and her husband out of Atlantic City under the cover of darkness.
    Don’t let your love of blackjack keep you there. Thanks to Gov Charlie we have it down here now.
    Point your car south and come to the light, my NJ brothers and sisters!

  2. nightfly says:

    Mr. Governor, Sir, that should be “It’s time for US elected officials to stop being afraid…” “It’s time for we to stop being afraid” makes no sense.
    Then again, he wasn’t making sense anyway, so in the metatextual sense the phrase is accurate, though ungrammatical.
    Seriously – if he’s that concerned, cut the state a check. Like with that stupid clone and kill bond issue. If it’s so prestigious, why doesn’t he bankroll it himself? How many payoffs to former lover/lobbyist/union leaders does he have left? Can’t be more than three or four at this point.

  3. Mr. Bingley says:

    Spider, I’ve never yet sat in a casino in AC; in fact, the last time I was there was on a 4th grade field trip in 1974 before there were any casinos!
    The Bride and I keep talking about going there just to see a show though…

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