Imagine Choosing to Attend a Religious Institution of Higher Learning

…and then getting all pissed off about the religious stuff all over campus. Especially some of the stuff you might not have noticed when you toured the campus prior to accepting a spot as a student. You know. The stuff that just sort of LOOMS ON THE HORIZON SO LARGE, it completely blends into the background, like a, oh…say…cathedral.

…Banzhaf said some Muslim students were particularly offended because they had to meditate in the school’s chapels “and at the cathedral that looms over the entire campus – the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception.

Additionally, poor old “malice and forethought” have picked up a little different slant than when I used to watch Perry Mason.

…“It may not be illegal, but it suggests they are acting improperly and probably with malice,” he said. “They do have to pray five times a day, they have to look around for empty classrooms and to be sitting there trying to do Muslim prayers with a big cross looking down or a picture of Jesus or a picture of the Pope is not very conductive to their religion.”

Muslim students who just happen to CHOOSE to attend a…wait for it…CATHOLIC University.

(I’m confused. Are vous?)

And I’m sure you all know the answer to what should be, in any other time…

…“I don’t know what the attorney wants them to do – if he wants them to actually move the Basilica or if the Muslim students can find someplace where they don’t have to look at it,” he told Fox News.

…a purely rhetorical question.

A couple of Buddhas in Afghanistan probably have your real answer…

UPDATE: The more I thought about these fools, the more I realized they were making the cathedral sound like the Eye of Sauron. So I found them a little ditty to help them “get over it”.

In the interest of non-denominational relations and a lesson in christian forgiveness.

Which comes right before “blow it out your ass”.

13 Responses to “Imagine Choosing to Attend a Religious Institution of Higher Learning”

  1. JeffS says:

    My response to the attorney, to be relayed to the intolerant Muslims, would be:

    “Grow up. Or go home. I don’t care which.”

  2. Alice says:

    When I read this – “It may not be illegal, but it suggests they are acting improperly and probably with malice,” he said” – I thought ‘they’ referred to the muslim students. Then I read the article, and … it still reads that way.

  3. Gunslinger says:

    Let them pray in the lavatories. They’re already even separated by gender so that should be a plus for the muzz.

  4. Ebola says:

    They know this allows them to damage Christian reputation. Which their religion is sorta all good for. Infiltrate and indoctrinate. First step in removing the power of a culture or religion is getting it to (in)voluntarily remove it’s symbols.

  5. Michael Lonie says:

    Reminds me of an event I read about that happened at Brandies University in the late sixties. Some black students, there on scholarships, held demonstrations alleging they were discriminated against because the university’s kosher kitchen did not prepare and serve traditional Negro pork dishes.

  6. craig says:

    Catholic universities should require all matriculating students to sign a statement acknowledging that (a) the university’s mission is to teach and promote the Catholic faith, (b) the university is under no obligation to assist contrary faiths and doctrines, and (c) attempts to disrupt the promotion of Catholic faith on campus are grounds for disciplinary action.

  7. ricki says:

    This is pretty wtf. I can only imagine that these students are seeking to cause trouble. If this makes it to court, I hope the judge throws it out and tells them, “If you don’t like the Christian symbols, DON’T GO TO A CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY!”

  8. major dad says:

    Someone just needs to tell that guy from Geo W. University to just blow it out his ass. WTF? This is just beyond stupid.

  9. nightfly says:

    There’s a simple way to solve this problem – expel every last one of them.

  10. major dad says:

    Just refund their money and let them go someplace more accommodating say Bob Jones University.

  11. Thus as it ever was; the parasite always seeks to overtake and kill its host.

  12. craig says:

    What needs to happen is somebody needs to bring an action to revoke this guy’s license to practice law, on the grounds of barratry. That’s a crime in many jurisdictions, and is against most state bar codes.

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