In Pig Latin in the Comments Below, Bingley Notes

…It’s much like classical/mythological greece: you name determines your destiny.

We all know what Vader told Luke about his ‘destiny‘, so I decided I’d see what Bingley had in store. From the Greek:

bingle [bIngl]
???. ????? ???????? “???-???????” # ?????. (??? ?????????:) ??????? ?????

Being a bit rusty Rosetta Stone-wise (and weary from collating scribbles memorized whilst watching a Dead Sea Scroll special last night ~ who says I’m dull?), I went for the English translation of ‘bingle‘, since the word doesn’t appear naturally in our native tongue. Not an accident or oversight, I’m assuming.

A noun
1 base hit, safety, bingle
(baseball) the successful act of striking a baseball in such a way that the batter reaches base safely

From this I guess we infer Bingley will always reach base safely, but the question of ‘advancement‘ is up in the air and entirely reliant upon the good will/hard work of others. Amazingly enough, his modus operandi to a ‘T’.
Considering that the closest English equivalent to ‘bingley’ is ‘BUNGLE’, I suggest we not dwell on depressing destiny and just give my sweet brother the signal to “swing away!

And be prepared to duck.

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