In Quiet

…there is opportunity.

Equipment stolen from Katrina memorial site
Thieves make off with $100,000 in building equipment in New Orleans
Thieves hauled off $100,000 worth of heavy equipment that was being used to help build a Lower Ninth Ward memorial to the victims of Hurricane Katrina.
A Bobcat excavator and a Bobcat T300 Skid Steer Loader, both of which require trailers or flatbed trucks to transport, were removed from the site sometime between midnight and 6:30 a.m. Saturday, construction company officials said.
In the neighborhood that remains nearly pitch black at night almost a year after the levees failed, the equipment didn’t last three days at the site.

My first question would be: WHY, in a “neighborhood that remains nearly pitch black at night almost a year after” are we building ‘memorials’ and not using the resources for cleaning the mess up or repairing/rebuilding homes? (Even new homes someplace else?) If the place “remains a largely vacant, debris-stained portion of New Orleans“, just who the f*ck was the memorial for?
Memorials are for the DEAD…when everything else is DONE.

2 Responses to “In Quiet”

  1. leelu says:

    It’s New Orleans. Louisiana.
    Nagin and the bimbo governor (with apologies to all the other bimbos).
    Why are you expecting logic & reason to obtain??

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