In Their Defense, All That Wang Doodles Writing

looks the same. Even NBA players get the wrong tattoos and, Lord knows, they’ve got more money than the FDA.

FDA looks at wrong plant in China
U.S. health officials evaluated the wrong factory when assessing the safety of a Chinese-made drug ingredient that may be a source of problems with a blood thinner, the Food and Drug Administration said Monday.
…The Chinese manufacturer was not inspected because it was confused with another company in the agency’s database with a similar name, said Joseph Famulare, deputy director of the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research’s compliance department…

Always, ALWAYS, take your time choosing a translator. Otherwise…

In January 2005, Tom Braman of GovTech News blog pointed out that, for its website, Seattle was paying “a California company, Systran, about $6,000 a year for use of [machine] translation software that takes the English version and currently allows people to view it in Russian, Japanese, French, German, Spanish and Italian.”
Nonetheless, on the official state website for Seattle Secretary of State Sam Reed, his name was “Swampy Weed Reed” in a bungled Chinese translation. The line “Reed proposes statewide mandates to restore public trust” was translated into Chinese as “Swampy weed suggests whole state order recover open trust.” The same line in Korean: “A plant reed proposes national mandate to recover public property trust.”

BABELfish, indeed.

4 Responses to “In Their Defense, All That Wang Doodles Writing”

  1. spot_the_dog says:

    In regards to the first section of your post, a bit of a rant on the problem of not regulating pharmas sourced from the undisputed world leader in contaminated products, at Tizona’s. Cheers.

    “Memo to Big Pharmas: Get the FUCK out of China.”

  2. The_Real_JeffS says:

    Maybe John should contract his services to the FDA?

  3. John says:

    it’s not Big Pharma that sources from China and India, it’s the generics.
    So the next time you scarf down that generic and think you’re sticking it to the Man in Pharma, rememebr that there are no water treatment plants on the Ganges.

  4. BLECH!!! pffftpffftpffftspit!

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