Is It Just Me?

Or has someone else noticed that Jimmy Dean Sausage has no flavor anymore? Pi!
There’s also something fundamentally wrong with a sausage that doesn’t require grease being spooned off as it cooks. I’m seriously disillusioned. And desperate for sausage that tastes like sausage to make biscuits and gravy.
Damn! Why do they have to jack with everything?

10 Responses to “Is It Just Me?”

  1. Lisa says:

    I quit buying Jimmy Dean ever since he sold his company and the new owners promptly fired him as spokesman. How stupid was that? He’s Jimmy Dean!
    Do they have Tennessee Pride down there? I buy the hot kind of it. And Parks’ is good too.
    P.S. — you have mail.

  2. Wunderkraut says:

    The lack of grease is a BIG deal when your goal is to make sausage gravy. When I use Jimmy Dean, I have to add bacon grease so that my rue will be half way decent.
    That’s why the cheaper the better.

  3. Donnah says:

    Geez, we cook JD sausage every Sunday. Still tastes good to me.

  4. The Real JeffS says:

    Is it just me, or have Oreo cookies gotten less unhealthy?

  5. (It’s YOU…smokin’ dope again!)
    And Kraut, kind of defeats the purpose to have bacon grease in your snausage gravy, huh? My beloved F-I-L used to use Bob Evans and that was the best tasting stuff, but we’ve never lived anywhere we could get it.
    I still love their sage sausage for stuffing ’round ’bout the holidays, but dang if I get much of a traditional sausage flavor from the regular stuff. Now, I have noticed that the guys who owned the B&B we always stayed at in NOLA (sniff) used JD for our breakfasts and it was great. When Major Dad asked what kind it was, we couldn’t believe the answer. But it turned out they bought the frozen, presliced patties (what’s it, like an 8 pack?), not the rolls we use at home. The difference was striking in the taste. Which do you use, Donnah?

  6. The Real JeffS says:

    (I smoke dope?!?!?!?! I never knew! But it seems that Oreo is putting less of that yummy, fat rich sugar filling in their calorie packed cookies. And even fewer cookies in the package. Or at least the stuff that we get in the PX here is like that. Maybe someone thinks we eat too much?)

  7. Donnah says:

    We use the links and the presliced patties every week, and I’m a fan. My dogs can put away A LOT of JD, and I tend to encourage them more towards the bacon.
    My sister uses JD to make sausage gravy that makes you want to raid the regriferator at midnight to reheat some — if there’s any left, that is.
    I didn’t know he’d sold his company. Now that I do, we’ll see if my tastebuds start asking questions.

  8. That’s what I wanted this weekend, snausage gravy To. Die. FOR. Used a roll, made it like I usually do, but even called Major Dad in to sniff the sausage frying up. We’re like ‘where’s the smell?’ The gravy came together perfectly, but the taste was all milk. Blech! Some spices and a healthy dose of Prudhomme’s Blackened Redfish later, it was almost palatable. Ruined my longed-for breakfast treat, though.

  9. And even fewer cookies in the package.
    Hey!! Well, how ’bout that? I always buy the big bags of Chips AHoy for hurricanes. Those little plastic sleeves keep the thousands of cookies good forever. I go to grab a couple bags on Friday and WTF?! They don’t package them like that anymore. I checked THREE stores!! They’re the same price, by God, but the cookies are in these skimpy plastic TRAYS, in little individual SLOTS and there’s about a THIRD of the cookies there used to be. I was PISSED!!

  10. The Real JeffS says:

    AHA! I wasn’t smoking dope, huh? BWAHAHAHAHAHA!
    Yeah, ain’t that a pisser? Since those packages are sold by the weight, either the cookies are denser, or the Earth’s gravitational attraction is increasing.
    Or maybe we’re getting ROOKED!!!!

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